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X-MEN: First Class

Do you find that strange things happen to you on a regular basis like things suddenly catching fire in your hands or something spontaneously turning to water when you touch it…..if so do not be frightened – you are gifted! In fact there is a wondrous place laced with intrigue cutting edge science and adventure where you can go you will feel right at home. The place we are talking about is Professor Xavior’s school for the gifted, here you will be taught to embrace control and grow your abilities to use them to your advantage for the good of all man kind. Check out this video clip to get an insiders glimpse into what it is like being a part of Xavier’s school for the gifted.

Come join Xavier if you are ready to be all you can be…

Find out more in Usenet newsgroup :rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe

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Batman and Robin the first ones to buckle up? Who knew…

Batman was always such an intelligent, clever, upright and well to do law abiding superhero, it stands to reason that the big guy and the Boy Wonder would indeed be the first to buckle their Bat Belts…Thank you Batman for paving the way to safer travels on the road!

Batman and Robin always fastened their seat belts on the TV show. Many
today might say, “So what!” but seat belts weren’t even required in
all cars in the U.S. until the final season of the show. Laws
requiring people to wear them were still many years away.

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