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Movie Minute: Star Trek Into Darkness

J.J. Abrams and crew have graced us with yet another multimillion dollar installment to the newly revived Star Trek franchise just four years after the hugely successful block buster predecessor Star Trek. We had our reservations about the first installment “Star Trek,” but it was action packed and very entertaining, it was even sprinkled with a brawl between Kirk and some hot head Starfleet cadets original series style reminiscent  of the time Scotty, Sulu and Chekov laid the smack down on the klingons after calling the Enterprise “a garbage scow” right to Scotty’s face. As an action packed fast entertainer, “Star Trek” delivered as promised, Star Trek into the Darkness is no different. The new film is loaded with explosions,plenty of phaser fire and of course, near death situations that Kirk and Spock just happen to find themselves in :-) If your looking for true originality however, this may not be the film for you. Star Trek Into Darkness takes its queues from the critically acclaimed and bodaciously epic “Star Trek: Wrath of Kann.” How so, well, Kann is back. If you loved Kann and his genetically superior comrades, you will likely enjoy this film. Although the plot is similar to the original eighties film, there are still a few good plot twists to keep this interesting. Bottom line, if you like the characters of the original Star Trek series and an adrenaline rush, this film is for you :-)


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NASA Begins Tests for Real Warp Drive

NASA Warp DriveLadies and gentlemen, going through the journey of everyday life gives way to some pretty incredible moments and experiences, but every once and a while if we are lucky, we get to be part of something that is truly awesome, like landing on the moon in the sixties. Well one of those awesome times may soon be at hand yet again. NASA is now doing experiments on faster than light travel for a spaceship or warp drive as we have come to know it from Star Trek. The team at NASA, lead by Harold White, has been able to move forward because of a mathematical breakthrough by Mr. White which had its origins in a paper from physicist Miguel Alcubierre. In his 1994 paper titled, “The Warp Drive: Hyper-Fast Travel Within General Relativity,” Alcubierre suggested a mechanism by which space-time could be “warped” both in front of and behind a spacecraft. Before White’s breakthrough, it was long though that it would take a mass 317 times as large as the mass of Earth to generate enough energy to actually create a warp bubble around a starship and travel through space, thankfully this is no longer the case. By changing the shape of the warp bubble, White has determined that we could possibly have sustainable warp with a mere 1,600 pounds of mass energy. That amount of energy is much smaller and brings the possibility of a warp engine into reality for humans.

For even more details on warp drive and how it could work, check out this article on io9

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Star Trek Blows Up Google

In true and absolutely stereotypical UsenetGeek style and fashion, all of us here at UsenetGeekBlog always stand up and take of all things Star Trek. With this year marking the 46th anniversary of Star Trek’s continued awesome warp speed journey through the stars, fans are showing their fondness and appreciation in all forms and kinds of ways all over the internet. Although we have seen many cool things of late, our friends over at Google have taken the cake with the latest Star Trek Google Doodle blowing up the Google homepage highlighting some of our best loved moments of the original series including the trouble with tribbles, Captain Kirk’s glorious battle with the Gorn and the always unlucky red shirt junior almost certainly beaming down to his death…almost :-) – the doodle has since been taken down, but a fellow trekkie has taken the liberty of saving this awesome doodle for posterity :-)

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Doctor Who’s Darkest Yet Finest Hour

Doctor Who-vians and enthusiasts alike get ready for a super tardis time warp as Doctor Who and his group of brave time traveling companions take an asteroid by storm to rescue their ever so awesomely cool and attractive companion Amy Pond who if you remember was turned into a very lovely bubbly pile of goo in the last episode, and her baby from a group of overzealous trigger happy marines who are just itching to take the doctor out. The marines who are under the impression the doctor is some kind of evil war lord are ready to go at a moments notice. Doctor Who of course being who he is, it should come as no surprise to everyone that the Doctor already knew what was going on and was prepared for them :) Doctor Who and his clever companions manage to take them by surprise and disarm the whole crew without any harm coming to anyone including a group of monks whose heads were gone yet they somehow still managed to engage in a light saber battle that would make the Jedi look like gnomes. After a doctor Who special – aka massive takeover – Doctor Who and friends seize the base. Doctor Who and Rorie arrive just in time to save and the baby but with a surprising twist, we discover that Amy’s baby is already gone replaced by a gooey baby instead :) In yet another asteroid quaking moment we find out that at the end of the episode Amy’s baby is none other than the Doctor’s wife! :) If you want to know what happens you’ll be waiting a long time because the Doctor and crew are going on a little space hiatus in the tardis for the next few months so don’t hold your breathe to long or you might pass out! If you haven’t heard of Doctor Who before be sure to give him a go, join in all the hair raising time traveling adventures on iTunes – you will not be disappointed :)

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Einstein’s Biggest Secret

Are you a scifi junkie? If you are wondering weather or not the fact that you own a life sized cut out of R2D2 puts into the category of scifi junkie, let me save you some time, the answer is most definitely YES! If you are jumping up and down in your chair screaming “YES THAT’S ME!” then wake up and take notice because we have found a book that is sure to charge your phasers! Next time you are in the age old library or your browsing the iBooks bookstore, be sure to check out “Final Theory” by Mark Alpert. Check out the excerpt from this post in –

What I am reading now is a book of fiction called
*Final Theory* by Mark
Alpert, it is based upon the scenario, what if Albert Einstein’s so called
Unified Field Theory could both be solved and thus proven scientifically?
This book of fiction takes physics out of the classroom and into the
high-stakes realm of action, danger, and a plot that could doom the world.
An elderly physicist, one of Einstein’s last living colleagues, is brutally
tortured, then left to die, when he refuses to reveal what he knows about a
long-hidden secret — the solution to Einstein’s proposed Unified Field
As his life ebbs, he whispers a mysterious string of numbers to Colombia
professor David Swift.
Torn between excitement and disbelief that such a momentous discovery could
have remained a secret for all these years, David Swift has no time for
Already, both a lethal Russian assassin and the FBI are hot on his trail.
His one hope is to team up with his former girlfriend Monique Reynolds, a
brilliant Princeton scientist, in a desperate race to uncover the shocking
truth before they are both silenced — forever.
It does for science, what the Da Vinci Code did for Religion.

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