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Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Here and It’s Cool

Samsung galaxy lovers eat your heart out, it’s that time of year again for you guys to get all googly eyed and salivating with anticipation for new Galaxy gear – The Samsung Galaxy S5 is here and it’s really cool :-) Check out the video below as The Verge get a hands on look at this new flashy and stylish phone with an esthetic that resembles its predecessor with a few nice touch-ups here and and there. The new design has a nice rubbery grip pattern on the back. Hardware updates include, heart rate monitor on back with 2GB of Ram and 16 megapixel camera along with a stunning 5.1 inch AMOLED display and a fingerprint scanner, not to be outdone by Apple. This sleek, quiet yet stunning addition to the Galaxy line…

Source: The Verge

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Apple Says To Samsung “Ummm No.”

Have you seen Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1 – oh what’s that you say? – oh yes it is in fact the tablet that looks exactly like the iPad :) – since you thought so you are indeed very clever because Apple and the ever so incredible Mr. Steve Jobs thinks so too. So much so in fact that they have felt compelled to go after Samsung and stop all sales of the Galaxy in Europe. Apple just might have cut them a break and looked the other way, but they just had to go and copy even the iPad’s packaging….really the packaging….if it looks like an iPad feels like an iPad and comes dressed up like an iPad – would think they want us to the Galaxy is an iPad :) I am sure Apple can appreciate the gesture as imitation is most definitely the best form of flattery, but really Samsung…the packaging…that’s taking the Galaxy to the stalker tablet level. What this will mean for the Galaxy tablet is unclear, but it should be fun to watch the two go at it….I mean what can Samsung say…reallly. Steve Jobs and 30 geek bystanders to Samsung – “Dude, it looks like an iPad! ” Samsung – “Na UH our is heavier!”

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