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The Death Star Is Upon Us!

If Darth Vader and the Emperor shared an intergalactic condo, being as shady as they are, they would likely make there homestead in the darkest place in space…Hehehe, we will out fox those Jedi rebels yet!…Don’t think so Darth, the jig is up amigo! Earthly Astronomers have now discovered a super dark planet, likely Darth’s secret hideout, though this has not been confirmed as the planet is basically a black hole in space – no really, Darth’s hang out (or TrES-b2) reflects less than 1% of the light from the star that it orbits – it is blacker than black and can barley be seen from space. Earthly scientists are marveled at how it absorbs so much light without giving back – perhaps Darth’s new hangout is entirely made of black coal or some mineral entirely unknown to us – Oh the mysteries of outer space… she is amazing, always keeping us on the edge of our seats, we marvel at your vast incredible greatness :) Wonder how Darth sees to clean his condo?…..Vader vision?

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First Potential Habitable Exoplanet

A team of planet hunters from the University of California (UC) Santa Cruz, and the Carnegie Institution of Washington has announced the discovery of a planet with three times the mass of Earth orbiting a nearby star at a distance that places it squarely in the middle of the star’s “habitable zone.”

This discovery was the result of more than a decade of observations using the W. M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii, one of the world’s largest optical telescopes. The research, sponsored by NASA and the National Science Foundation, placed the planet in an area where liquid water could exist on the planet’s surface. If confirmed, this would be the most Earth-like exoplanet yet discovered and the first strong case for a potentially habitable one.

To astronomers, a “potentially habitable” planet is one that could sustain life, not necessarily one where humans would thrive. Habitability depends on many factors, but having liquid water and an atmosphere are among the most important.

“Our findings offer a very compelling case for a potentially habitable planet,” said Vogt. “The fact that we were able to detect this planet so quickly and so nearby tells us that planets like this must be really common.”

Is this our ticket to living on different planets? Sounds exciting! You can find the discussion on or read the full article here.

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