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Mind Blowing Discovery Proves the Big Bang Theory [VIDEO]

There are so many astrological revelations about these new discoveries that prove the big bang your mind will be blown twice! Just watch the video….

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Einstein’s Biggest Secret

Are you a scifi junkie? If you are wondering weather or not the fact that you own a life sized cut out of R2D2 puts into the category of scifi junkie, let me save you some time, the answer is most definitely YES! If you are jumping up and down in your chair screaming “YES THAT’S ME!” then wake up and take notice because we have found a book that is sure to charge your phasers! Next time you are in the age old library or your browsing the iBooks bookstore, be sure to check out “Final Theory” by Mark Alpert. Check out the excerpt from this post in –

What I am reading now is a book of fiction called
*Final Theory* by Mark
Alpert, it is based upon the scenario, what if Albert Einstein’s so called
Unified Field Theory could both be solved and thus proven scientifically?
This book of fiction takes physics out of the classroom and into the
high-stakes realm of action, danger, and a plot that could doom the world.
An elderly physicist, one of Einstein’s last living colleagues, is brutally
tortured, then left to die, when he refuses to reveal what he knows about a
long-hidden secret — the solution to Einstein’s proposed Unified Field
As his life ebbs, he whispers a mysterious string of numbers to Colombia
professor David Swift.
Torn between excitement and disbelief that such a momentous discovery could
have remained a secret for all these years, David Swift has no time for
Already, both a lethal Russian assassin and the FBI are hot on his trail.
His one hope is to team up with his former girlfriend Monique Reynolds, a
brilliant Princeton scientist, in a desperate race to uncover the shocking
truth before they are both silenced — forever.
It does for science, what the Da Vinci Code did for Religion.

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