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Netflix Gets a Facelift with a Snazzy New TV Inerface

Once again, Netflix maybe revolutionizing the way we watch TV in our homes. Netflix has been fast going the cord cutters and cable TV watchers who are tiring of astronomical monthly bills – they have aggressively been expanding their TV and movie content library to make cutting cord with cable easy and more attractive. Now Netflix is really stepping their online content game with a totally new user interface geared toward TV watchers. The new interface will make watching Netflix content on the TV a more enjoyable experience. Check out this video preview:

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Comcast blocks Netflix; Wants fee to stream content

Found this little article rec.arts.movies.current-films.

Level 3 Communications, a central partner in the Netflix online movie service, accused Comcast on Monday of charging a new fee that puts Internet video companies at a competitive disadvantage.

Level 3, which helps to deliver Netflix’s streaming movies, said Comcast had effectively erected a tollbooth that “threatens the open Internet,” and indicated that it would seek government intervention. Comcast quickly denied that the clash had anything to do with network neutrality, instead calling it “a simple commercial dispute.”

The dispute highlighted the growing importance of Internet video delivery — an area that some people say needs to be monitored more closely by regulators. Net neutrality, which posits that Internet traffic should be free of any interference from network operators like Comcast, is thought to be on the December agenda of the Federal Communications Commission.

“With this action, Comcast demonstrates the risk of a ‘closed’ Internet, where a retail broadband Internet access provider decides whether and how their subscribers interact with content,” Thomas C. Stortz, the chief legal officer for Level 3, said in a statement Monday.

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