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Future Foundation
Found this neat article in rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe. Seems like Spiderman is joining the Fantastic Four crew, naming the new team “The Future Foundation” defending threats of the Marvel Universe. I think they could of at least have a better name than “The Future Foundation”. Sounds like a high school student council.

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Marvel’s Lamest

JubileeOver in rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe a discussion is going on with which characters seem to be the lamest in the Marvel Comic Universe. Some mentioned are Sentry, Ronin and Blade. Some overly used characters named were Wolverine and Iron Man. For me, I have to say the lamest would be Jubilee. Having fireworks shooting out of your hands isn’t exciting as lasers coming out of your eyes or having super human strength as far as powers go. Who do you think is the lamest Marvel character?

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