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comp.sys.mac.apps – Stoplight Buttons in iTunes

Are you like me and don’t like it when apple app developers try to be funny or cute and try to change things that are standardized and working fantastically well in the first place? If so then try this little gem to correct the discombobulated minimize, maximize and close window buttons in iTunes10 – Guys if it works let it alone…Cheers!

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ITunes 10 Logo
This is from Mac OS X Hints:

iTunes 10 provides a different layout for the Close, Minimize and Maximize
buttons. Instead of being ordered horizontally, in iTunes 10 they’re
arranged vertically, like a traffic light.

Reverting the buttons to a horizontal layout can easily be done. With
iTunes not running, open Terminal and enter the following code:

defaults write full-window -1

To restore the vertical layout, simply use this command:

defaults write full-window -0

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Apple 2010 Fall Event

So the event is over (Chris Martin from Coldplay? someone stab a pencil in my ear please), and tons of cool stuff has come out of it: iOS 4.2, HDR pix, Game Center, Apple TV, new music devices, Ping, and a new iTunes. Lets break these down one by one.

iOS4.2 – iPad connectivity. Great for you iPad users all about accessing the content. The printing stuff is nice (although I hate actually printing anything nowadays), but the multitasking and folders are where it’s at. They make life easier for me on the iPhone and will for you iPad users.

HDR pictures – first off if you’re unsure about what an HDR pic is, it’s basically three pictures, one with highlights, shadows, and midranges and it combines them into picures that have a greater range of color. It’s about time, better looking pix with details that pop. Good for you Flickr and Facebook posters, but even better for people who actually print them out on photo paper (yes people still do that from time to time).

Game Center – and the iPhone continues to forge ahead in the mobile gaming world. Project Sword, the Unreal engine on the phone, and oh yea things are looking good for iPhone gamers. Plus I like the fact that there will be one spot to see leader boards instead of all the competing networks like Open Feint, Crystal, and Plus+.

Apple TV – this one just makes sense. I don’t know about you but given recent news about cable subscription rates falling and from friends and family I know considering going the streaming movies and TV shows route it makes sense. Netflix is available on this and it can stream from your main computer not to mention the TV show and movie rentals it can do. I wish there was some free content available via iTunes but I’m sure that’ll get worked out one way or another.

Ping/iTunes 10 – you can’t really separate these from one another. iTunes by itself got a new logo and a slightly revamped view, not bad but no biggie itself. The real news is Ping. According to Apple “It’s like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes. It’s all about music.” On initial glance Ping looks to be one of the rare cases where social networking can be 1) done right 2) adds value to the end user and 3) has a direct commercial tie in. It would be pretty cool to find people with similar taste in music to myself and to see what they’re listening to. It can be another great way to find music beyond Pandora (currently digging The Polish Ambassador whom I found on Pandora). I’m interested to see how it actually works.

New music devices – ehhh ok so I’m not quite so gung-ho on these. I mean ok they’re pretty cool looking and the Nano and Shuffle will probably make great stocking stuffers, but this is a declining market. As more people go with an iPhone or iPad there is little reason to deal with a secondary music device. I did the switch from one to the other two years back when I got my iPhone 3G, and forgot all about my iPod.

My faves from this event are: Ping and the HDR pictures. I only leave Apple TV out because with 3 small kiddos dropping my cable is out of the question. A loss of Team Umizoomi, Caillou, and Scooby Doo could lead to a full scale revolt, and trust me you don’t want an angry 4 yr. old to have a burning torch inside your home. For more thoughts on this you can always check out the Apple discussions going on at:

~ Zaaa

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