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Want a Gold iPhone 5S? One Guy Paid $10,000!

There are lots of ridiculous things we are bombarded with on the web everyday, but none so ridiculous as this – Someone paid an ebay seller $10,000 for iPone 5S Gold edition, which itself only retails for $649. The ebay auction ran for a full 3 days and 51 bidders with the final sale price ending at $10,000!To give folks an idea of just how ridiculous that price is, you could have the entire phone made out of 24k gold for about $4,500 here – less than half of what this Ebay and Apple fanatic paid.

gold iphone 5S Sells for $10K on ebay

Source: CNET

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iPhone 5S is Here and It’s Pretty Sweet

iPhone fans and Apple connoisseurs alike can now dance a jig and jump for joy because the new iPhone 5S is here and it’s pretty sweet! Although there are not many changes to the look and feel of the phone compared to the iPhone 5, this new addition to Apple iPhone lineup is packed full of some really cool features along with some really neat new tech. Among the new cool stuff is a new camera with an adaptive flash, a new 64 bit chip for elite processing power, a finger print sensor to lock and unlock your phone and some three new color for a new sleeker look – it comes in white and Silver, white and gold or space grey. With all these new features, Apple has once again managed to set the bar high for other smart phone manufacturers. Lets take a look at the new features in more detail:

A7 Processor (First ever 64bit mobile processor)
The iPhone 5S sports a new A7 64bit processor with new instruction sets for faster and more efficient processing power than any other smart phone today. The A7 is twice as fast as the A6 in the original iPhone 5 and it has over 1 billion transistors on 102mm squared die. It also has 2X the floating point registers and general purpose registers of the iPhone 5. This thing is a beast.

M7 Coprocessor (Motion processor)
The M7 continually monitors motion data with accelerometers, gyroscopes and compass data without even having to wake up the phone. This is geared toward health and fitness app for the phone. To track a run for example. Fitness geeks will love this feature.

New iSight Camera System
The iPhone 5S has a new 5 lens system with a larger aperture and a larger light capturing system able to capture bigger pixels with more light 1.5 microns in size, giving you a sharper, richer more vibrant photo. You can now also capture slow motion video at 120fps at full quality 720p.

True Tone Flash
The iPhone 5S has a dual flash system to adapt your flash lighting for your picture to the lighting in the environment where you are trying to take a picture. A cool white and amber flash come together to blend the correct amount and tone of light required to give you the best picture. This will give way to awesome photos at night :-)

Touch ID
The iPhone 5S is the first smart phone ever to integrate biometric fingerprint identification to unlock your phone and pay for apps in place of a regular password or passcode. The Touch ID sensor uses capacitive touch to map your print in 500 pixels per inch. You can train the phone to use any of your fingers including the thumb. The Touch ID sensor is built into the home button and is protected by a super hard sapphire crystal.

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Apple’s iPhone 5 is Coming…

Today is the day that many Apple geeks are sitting in front of their computer sitting on the edge of their seat eagerly anticipating the arrival of the long awaited iPhone 5. We all hope for something awesomely mind blowing from Apple today as we have all been playing the rumors game over the past 12 months, a game which nearly started immediately after the release of the iPhone 4S. Over the past few months the net has been overflowing with possible new feature chatter with the anticipation of the release of iOS6 on the iPhone 5 – rumored to be among the improvements are a bigger display to keep up with the joneses, true 4GLTE support, and NFC technology or near field communication. Whatever the outcome of today’s showing, if Apple stays true to form and they usually do – we will not be disappointed :-)

The iPhone 5 event starts today at 1:00PM EST. You can watch it live in the stream below :-)


Live Video streaming by Ustream

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Can CDMA Do Simultaneous Voice and Data?

There are tons of Verizon subscribers out there just itching for an iPhone. Those of you that fall in this group have suffered from numerous rumors about the iPhone being made as a CDMA phone only to have the dates pushed or for the rumors to be false. I as much as anyone else do eventually expect to see a CDMA phone, but beware of the CDMA spec as it is likely to cripple the iPhone for all of you. As it is right now CDMA cannot do dual voice and data. That is to say that many of the things that make the phone useful (looking up directions while on the phone with someone for example) cannot be multitasked.

Of course they are working on a solution to this but until they figure it out Apple may not want to release a CDMA version of the phone. Apple is a stickler when it comes to meeting user experiences and if the dual voice/wireless access solution isn’t found soon I expect the phone will be delayed. As always there’s  a good discussion in, check it out!

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iOS 4.1 = Photo Gallery Problems

Ok, so this last week I upgraded to iOS 4.1.

  • HDR pix (haven’t played with yet)
  • Game Genter (is ok for now but will get better as more games get onto it)
  • Proximity bugs fixed (good as I was definitely having some bugs)
  • TV show rentals (ehhh ok but not for me)
  • Destruction of your photo gallery previews (yay…. wait, what the…)

Some of this is expected, the bug fixes and TV rentals. One helps things to work like they should and the other is a nice little revenue generation for Apple. Some things are useful, the HDR and Game center. Pictures with more pop will be nice as is how the Game Center is set up. The achievements and points are similar to those on the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Apple definitely continues its march into the mobile gaming space. The one thing I didn’t expect was that all of the previews for my photo gallery would suddenly turn into a bunch of black boxes. It looks like one large black cube. I’m not alone on seeing this as you can see on the Apple support forums or on

Hey Apple, while I love the attention to detail that you give the user interfaces that you build perhaps a bit more detail onto not messing up your user’s data?

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