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More Apple Goodies on the Way (iPad Mini, iMac)

In a long awaited and eagerly anticipated media event, Apple is going to unveil a new set of goodies today. The rumor mill and the iPad Mini is all a buzz with features in the mix like a 7 inch screen and a Retina display and possibly the new lightning connector. With all of the leaked parts we have seen on the blogs, it is very likely that the great reveal today will be the iPad Mini, but many of us iMac users are hoping that Apple will reveal a new iMac based on possibly Intel’s new Ivy Bridge Core. the iMac has not been updated in over 18 months and is long overdue an update.


If Apple holds true to their name, prestige and reputation, they are not soon to disappoint and now might be a good time to invest in some apple stock :-)  You can watch the event live at 1 p.m. eastern.

Watch Live


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iPad 3 Just Around the Corner

Apple iPad 3Apple has confirmed just today that they will be unveiling “Something you can see and touch.” Along with the invites to the event on March 7th (where the heck is our invite – C’Mon Apple what gives?) at 10AM PT, 1PM EST in San Fran CA, Apple sent along a photo (pictured on the right) of what definitely looks like an iPad. We are tingling with anticipation to see what improvements have been made if it is indeed an iPad, Can anyone say Retina Display, bigger screen, maybe a little 4G LTE… One thing is for sure Apple has not ever been known to disappoint and we know this will be no exception, so tighten your boot strap and buckle because we are in for something totally awesome…

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Apple Says To Samsung “Ummm No.”

Have you seen Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1 – oh what’s that you say? – oh yes it is in fact the tablet that looks exactly like the iPad :) – since you thought so you are indeed very clever because Apple and the ever so incredible Mr. Steve Jobs thinks so too. So much so in fact that they have felt compelled to go after Samsung and stop all sales of the Galaxy in Europe. Apple just might have cut them a break and looked the other way, but they just had to go and copy even the iPad’s packaging….really the packaging….if it looks like an iPad feels like an iPad and comes dressed up like an iPad – would think they want us to the Galaxy is an iPad :) I am sure Apple can appreciate the gesture as imitation is most definitely the best form of flattery, but really Samsung…the packaging…that’s taking the Galaxy to the stalker tablet level. What this will mean for the Galaxy tablet is unclear, but it should be fun to watch the two go at it….I mean what can Samsung say…reallly. Steve Jobs and 30 geek bystanders to Samsung – “Dude, it looks like an iPad! ” Samsung – “Na UH our is heavier!”

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