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The Skinny on the New Skinny iMac

If your wondering, “is the new iMac all that and a bag of chips?,” the short answer is not just yes, but absolutely and totally YES. The new iMac is both pleasing to look at and just a down right awesome experience in front of the keyboard. The sheer brilliance of the new design is evident with every curve and super thin edge. It conveys a gentle level elegance not previously know to the iMac line. Staring at the new glass mounted display really brings the whole OSX experience to life as the vibrance of color and detail on the screen make it possible to almost reach out and touch your applications. We had the privilege of taking the new 27 inch for a test run and we were totally delighted as the applications seemed flow forth fluidly, seemingly instantaneously, as we commanded it about with the mouse. The way in which she (the iMac) responded to our touch was not unlike the McLaren F1 as it instantly rockets to full acceleration when you step on the gas – it was digital bliss! We might want to mention too that it did have a 3.4Ghz i7 under the hood, so it was no slouch. Among many of the other amazing things we noticed was that it was so so very quiet – we copied massive amounts of data to it, it didn’t flinch and it barely made a sound – we would not have believed there was a fan inside if we hadn’t seen the teardown of one earlier. Lastly, the boot up time was fantastic – barely 10 seconds! To get your iMac humming this quick, your going to have to upgrade to an Apple Fusion Drive with 128GB of flash storage, an upgrade we would highly recommend :-) All in all the new iMac was an incredible experience that left us wondering where had it been all of our lives….

If you love Mac and you’ve got the cash, the new iMac is a must have awesome buy :-) Get your iMac today.

The New iMac

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More Apple Goodies on the Way (iPad Mini, iMac)

In a long awaited and eagerly anticipated media event, Apple is going to unveil a new set of goodies today. The rumor mill and the iPad Mini is all a buzz with features in the mix like a 7 inch screen and a Retina display and possibly the new lightning connector. With all of the leaked parts we have seen on the blogs, it is very likely that the great reveal today will be the iPad Mini, but many of us iMac users are hoping that Apple will reveal a new iMac based on possibly Intel’s new Ivy Bridge Core. the iMac has not been updated in over 18 months and is long overdue an update.


If Apple holds true to their name, prestige and reputation, they are not soon to disappoint and now might be a good time to invest in some apple stock :-)  You can watch the event live at 1 p.m. eastern.

Watch Live


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