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Google’s New Futuristic Self Driving Car

If you are a child of the 80′s and you are an extreme techie geek like we are, you undoubtedly remember the fantastically fabulous self driving T-top transam named KITT from the hit series Knight Rider – KITT could not only talk but he could drive himself and jump over other cars if they got in his way. Back in the 80′s KITT was light years ahead of his time, he was the most advanced car on the planet. Fast forward to today and we do finally have cars that can drive themselves, although we are a far cry from one car jumping over another. Yes, you might have guessed, we are talking about the Google self driving car or more specifically the NEW Google self driving car. As yet, it is unnamed, but on Tuesday night, onstage at the Code Conference in California, Sergey Brin revealed what could be a glimpse into our very near future – A self driving car with no steering wheel and no gas pedal, this bad boy consists of 2 seats, a seatbelt, a big screen in the center console and a big red start button. According to test drivers, the screen tells you the weather along with how long until you reach your destination. Of course one can see where this is going, email on the dash, maybe catch up on some candy crush, the sky’s the limit with a big screen in the car. Currently the car tops out at 25MPH and is entirely electrically driven. It even has two motors onboard so that if one should fail, the other can seamlessly take over. Watch as some luck folks get to take this new automotive wonder for a spin:

The tech inside this baby is nothing short of amazing and the software that governing the functioning of the car are even more mind boggling. If you are interested in getting some insight on how the Google car does what it does, watch this interesting walkthrough by one of Google’s test drivers:
One thing is for sure and that is that the self driving car is here to stay, it’s only a matter of time until your car drives you to work while read your email and help the kids with their homework – It’s coming, will you be ready?

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Top 17 Google Search Easter Eggs [VIDEO]

We all love Google and we all know that Google is really cool, but there are many of us out there using Google who don’t realize exactly just how cool Google really is… If you have seen the Google campus, otherwise known as the Google Plex, you know that the Google office is a really fun place. Sure they get to play games, work out, do laundry and eat all kinds of snacks, but the fun doesn’t stop there – The Googlers have secretly built in a little bit of that go have fun spirit into the Google search engine itself :-) Here are 17 of the top Google Search Easter Eggs for your viewing pleasure:

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Google Takes Streaming Video to a New Level with Chromecast

Google held an Android and Nexus 7 event earlier today, where the latest incarnation of Android 4.3 still dubbed Jellybean was show off along with a newly refreshed Nexus 7 tablet. You would think that a new OS and a spiffy new piece of hardware would be a big enough announcement for most tech companies, but not Google. Not to be outdone by Apple in their typical, “One more thing” style, Google had one last thing up their sleeves today – Chromecast. Chromecast is a dongle that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV and with it, Google takes streaming video to a whole new level. ¬†Google’s new Chromecast dongle uses your in home wifi network to wirelessly transmit video directly to your TV. The real beauty of this new device is that you can use any device that will run Google Chrome to control what video is played on your TV, that means your laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad, Nexus 7 – whatever strikes your fancy. Best of all, Chromecast only cost a mere $35! At today’s event, Google demoed Youtube video streaming as well as Netflix streaming. The Chromecast dongle is powered a USB connection that plugs in the back via micro USB or you can use the stock power adapter. One nice thing about the Chromecast dongle is that it breaks the need to stick to a particular ecosystem of devices to stream your content to your TV, like Apple’s AirPlay.

chromecast chromecast-tv chromecast-sync chromecast-streaming

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