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Want a Gold iPhone 5S? One Guy Paid $10,000!

There are lots of ridiculous things we are bombarded with on the web everyday, but none so ridiculous as this – Someone paid an ebay seller $10,000 for iPone 5S Gold edition, which itself only retails for $649. The ebay auction ran for a full 3 days and 51 bidders with the final sale price ending at $10,000!To give folks an idea of just how ridiculous that price is, you could have the entire phone made out of 24k gold for about $4,500 here – less than half of what this Ebay and Apple fanatic paid.

gold iphone 5S Sells for $10K on ebay

Source: CNET

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alt.treasure.hunting – Searching for Buried Monies /w an Airplane

Are you an avid adventurer and explorer with willingness and desire to go after those things which have lost, left behind and forgotten…say buried treasure? If you answered yes then alt.treasure.hunting is the perfect newsgroup to satisfy your inner pirate. This group is loaded with possible places and known places that hold hidden treasures…check out this excerpt from a recent posting…

I know of a place where a man buried jelly jars and coffee cans
with paper money and coins…It is on a 3,000 acre area……It is
woods but not extremely dense…
The man buried money in jars and coffee cans for over 40 years in
the same area..
I have been to the area 4 times…He DID NOT carry a shovel or digging
tools when he buried it each time..He was followed many times but
ALWAYS eluded anyone when he buried the monies…He NEVER recovered
the money.

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