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You Win Some You Lose Some

TorrentFreak is reporting that our favorite Netherlands anti-piracy group, BREIN, is forcing the shutdown of numerous Usenet and NZB sites. This list includes:,,,,,, and They of course managed to get some leverage with the court win over FTD (all this despite the fact that only 13 of the more then 1/2 million FTD users reported and uploaded infringing content, and even then who’s to say these anonymous persons didn’t actually work for BREIN). According to lawyer Arnoud Engelfriet

“BREIN is using the FTD verdict to threaten other sites into closing. Even though the verdict clearly said downloading is legal and ‘facilitating’ downloading is legal as well, BREIN is now saying that sites that provide NZB files are facilitating illegal downloading.”

It seems to me that BREIN is overstepping its bounds, something it is quite fond of doing. In an separate article TorrentFreak is reporting that BREIN has gone ahead and taken down the site known as Swan. Interestingly, neither the recent FTD ruling nor any other recent event has given them the legal authority to do so and the fine people that run Swan not only managed to seize back their servers but are also looking at suing BREIN. It’s about time someone hit them back. While there is certainly a debatable to be had over intellectual property a few things are painfully clear:

  1. Current intellectual property laws do not work in an environment where a single work can appear in multiple formats all of which can easily be shared across the globe in any number of ways.
  2. Being a rights holder or representative of the rights holders does not give you a free pass to do whatever you want wherever you want.
  3. Rights holders need to re-evaluate their monitization of the work product and investigate alternate means of making money.
  4. You can make money on free and can compete against free.

Perhaps it’s time the companies that supposedly represent the result these creative industries themselves get creative.

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Libya Cracks Down on “.ly” Domains

If you’re a fan of URL shorteners that use the .ly domain keep your eyes open. The site has been taken down and the domain registration revoked by the registrar of all .ly domains. It seems that because the .ly domains are controlled by the Libyan government and that government follows Islamic/Sharia Law that any site they deem to have content that falls outside of the allowed morality of these laws is subject to be smacked down. This of course is a problem given that many of these URL shorteners link to adult content certainly beyond what Sharia Law would find palatable. Even popular sites like are at risk despite their terms of use that don’t allow for infringing or pornographic content.

This of course can be an issue when you let a government determine for you what is and what isn’t appropriate. For now it looks like people may need to think about using a shortener that doesn’t have a .ly domain.

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Very Comprehensive Survival Guide

User NBates posted a link to this “Hard Times Survival Site” which at first glance looks like it hasn’t been updated since 1995, but it turns out this site is a pretty comprehensive survival guide with tons of great content, like food supply checklists and efficient recipes for survival meals, and requirements for a permanent home, like this tidbit:

You don’t need to move to the unexplored wilderness in Alaska. You don’t need to move into the heart of the Arizona desert. You just need to relocate to an area that is more lightly populated than a big city. The area you select should meet the following minimum criteria:

  1. It is not on a major freeway or interstate.
  2. It is at least several hundred feet above sea level.
  3. It is surrounded by farm land, dairy cows, and other typical farm livestock such as horses, pigs, sheep, goats, and chickens.
  4. It has a history of good average rainfall (not too much rain or too little rain).
  5. It has a reasonable supply of trees and forest timber land.
  6. It has a few nearby manufacturing facilities of any size.
  7. Its residents still have the right to own firearms to protect themselves.
  8. It has short mild winters.

via alt.survival [Link]

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Welcome to

Welcome to! is hosted and created for the sheer indulgence of a team of uber digital age Geeks with absolutely too much time on there hands and a constant uncontrollable urge to satisfy their White Hat like interests and curiosities in the fantabulously edgy and mythical world of the Usenet.  With over 107,000 available newsgroups, information and exploration of virtually any topic that tickles the brains grey matter becomes a staunch reality.  Our mission should we choose to accept it, and we have…. Is blow your mind with stories and Usenet experiences that make the nerves tingle and the muscles surge covering categories from Xbox games and design to the latest discourse of the Big Bang Theory.  Stay tuned for future posts – bookmark us – see you in the netherworld – Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel.

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