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NFL Pro Football…in court

They are still going to hold the NFL Draft – at least that’s what they are saying now.

Who knows if they will though, now that only a month after the Superbowl, the only real action is in a courtroom. The players are all bringing anti-trust suits against the NFL. Big names are involved like Peyton and Eli Manning and Tom Brady.

Is it another case of greedy management trying to take advantage of the workers? Or over-paid prima donnas pushing to garner even more millions on top of the millions they already have? My opinion is both. They all take the fan’s money for granted. But who will stop watching in protest? Sadly, not even I, because I love NFL Football.

In the end, they’ll work something out. There is just too much money to lose all around. Billions of dollars will get shared somehow. It would be great if we, the fans, could take them to court for high priced tickets even for lousy teams.

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Group highlight: UK Football –

Got a craving for talking UK Football? There’s a great group for you to head over and check out:

Seems there’s a group of regulars who are running some kind of a betting pool. Doubtful it’s real money – altho the trash talk is pretty good.

Here’s an exchange today about Pro Footballers without contracts. Seems not a lot of love is given to a certain Fulham and Bristol Rovers midfielder, Barry Hayles on he is a victim of the credit crunch.

Post title: “Oh boo f*cking hoo”:
“There’s a teh article on Radio5 right now about the worrying increase in the number of professional footballers who are currently without contract. Former Fulham and Bristol Rovers midfielder Barry Hayles gave a brief but touching interview in which he explained how he and countless others are victims of the credit crunch.

Is he f*ck.
I had that <snip> in my Yahoo team one week, he earned me 1.17 points, and that was one of his better games.  And yet, in his brief but spectacularly mediocre stint in the Premiership, he earned himself way, way, way more money than I can expect to in an entire lifetime.  If he’s a victim of anything, it’s poor forward planning, ridiculously optimistic perception of his own potential as a sportsman and the insane wage demands of him and his mercenary colleagues which have driven most clubs to the brink of financial disaster.  The Premier League, so called ‘greatest league in the world’, has yet to turn a collective profit in any season.  And it’s not like people aren’t buying the product.
If I see that useless bastard shopping in Asda I’m going to laugh my arse off.  Although, obviously not to his face.  He’s a big f*cker IIRC.
– Joe”

<cleaned up a bit for language>

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