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Matt Smith Says Farewell to Doctor Who

If you are a “Whovian” or a scifi geek who can’t get enough of time travel or british humor, you will know who we are talking about when we mention the name Matt Smith. Matt Smith has played the roll of “The Doctor” on the BCC’s Doctor Who for the past few years and by all Whovian accounts, he has done an absolutely brilliant job wearing the Doctor’s shoes. The 50th Anniversary Doctor Who has just aired and the episode is one big ball of awesome rolled up into 75 minutes. Before Matt Smith was to depart, he got spend time with 2 previous doctors and be part of one of the most compelling stories in the history of the Doctor Who franchise – If you haven’t seen it, tune in to the BBC and watch, you will not be disappointed :-) Most of us knew Matt Smith would go out with a bang! Watch this video as Matt Smith reflects on his time spent on Doctor Who –

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Doctor Who’s Darkest Yet Finest Hour

Doctor Who-vians and enthusiasts alike get ready for a super tardis time warp as Doctor Who and his group of brave time traveling companions take an asteroid by storm to rescue their ever so awesomely cool and attractive companion Amy Pond who if you remember was turned into a very lovely bubbly pile of goo in the last episode, and her baby from a group of overzealous trigger happy marines who are just itching to take the doctor out. The marines who are under the impression the doctor is some kind of evil war lord are ready to go at a moments notice. Doctor Who of course being who he is, it should come as no surprise to everyone that the Doctor already knew what was going on and was prepared for them :) Doctor Who and his clever companions manage to take them by surprise and disarm the whole crew without any harm coming to anyone including a group of monks whose heads were gone yet they somehow still managed to engage in a light saber battle that would make the Jedi look like gnomes. After a doctor Who special – aka massive takeover – Doctor Who and friends seize the base. Doctor Who and Rorie arrive just in time to save and the baby but with a surprising twist, we discover that Amy’s baby is already gone replaced by a gooey baby instead :) In yet another asteroid quaking moment we find out that at the end of the episode Amy’s baby is none other than the Doctor’s wife! :) If you want to know what happens you’ll be waiting a long time because the Doctor and crew are going on a little space hiatus in the tardis for the next few months so don’t hold your breathe to long or you might pass out! If you haven’t heard of Doctor Who before be sure to give him a go, join in all the hair raising time traveling adventures on iTunes – you will not be disappointed :)

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