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Life on Mars? Curiosity Thinks So.

It wasn’t long ago that NASA achieved one of its greatest triumphs by successfully creating, building, launching and landing the Curiosity Rover on the surface of Mars. Well, as amazing as all of those happening were, it now appears that the Curiosity Rover may have uncovered something even more amazing. Based on recent analysis of Mars bed rock samples drilled by Curiosity, NASA believes that life once existed on the red planet! Elements in the rock point to some of the basic building blocks of life – nitrogen, oxygen and  sulfer and sulfides which means microbials. Rocks also showed an absence of high concentrations of salt which is another indicator to NASA scientists that Mars was once home to a thriving fresh water environment. Perhaps home to an ancient civilization – maybe they lived on Mars and re-located to Earth when Mars started making living life normally a tough thing to do. One thing is for sure, this is just the beginnings of Curiosity’s findings – who knows what future discoveries will mean for us in endeavoring to answer the question, are we alone out here?

Check out NASA’s Curiosity page for updates – Click Here.


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Mars here we come!

This past Saturday November 26 2011, NASA sent into space an Atlas V rocket that carried a payload of a totally Awesome laboratory onboard the Mars rover “Curiosity” whose job it will be to explore the bottom of a 100 mile wide crater that is believed to hold the key to unlocking and discovering the possibilities of life on Mars. Curiosity will spend its time questing for organic life…watch as Curiosity soars to new hieghts as she reaches the vastness of space without a hitch :)

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