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Turn your Car into a Giant Battery

Ok I must confess to you guys and gals that I am a total beach bum at heart. With this title comes the love of sand between the toes, the feel of the roaring salt water waves on the skin and the basking in the gentle rays of sunshine as I take a big swallow of ice cold sweet tea and listen to the awesome sounds of Jimmy buffet Island music – ok well, living several hundred miles away from the beach, I don’t get to do most of the things I mentioned earlier, but I do listen to Jimmy Buffett island music every chance I get – sometimes I actually get to go to a Buffett show complete with the pre-show tailgating fun of mixing drinks, meeting new friends and eating Margaritaville shrimp. I don’t know about you, but when I tailgate I like to have all kinds of gadgets going – a blender, a high powered music system and maybe even my iPad with a WiFi hotspot. Well if you travel like I do, you know that running out of juice on your batteries can be a total buzz kill… Well guess what guys, with the latest invention from a team at the Rice University, it may now be possible to turn your entire car into a giant battery with a simple paint job…that’s right I said paint job :-) Today most batteries look like big rectangular bricks, this is because the parts that make up the battery have to be packed together in layers one on top of the other to make the battery hold juice. Well the team at Rice has managed to do the same thing only they have turned each of the components of the battery into individual layers of paint – so each layer can be painted one on top of the other to form a functioning battery. Check out the video where they turn ceramic tiles into real life batteries!

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Batteries On The Go

University of Wisconsin scientists have created a device that can store a charge as we move so that we can have power on the go to create and share.

Could cell phone batteries be a thing of the past? Well a team of mechanical engineers at the University of Winconsin says, “You Betcha!” Well, not exactly in those words, we are paraphrasing a little :) But the team has created a magic device that stores up a charge just by the user walking around and doing their everyday stuff. The charge that is created and stored in the user’s shoes is enough to power a laptop or a even a mobile phone. Until now, engineers have not been able to create enough power to make our larger more fun power hungry devices go. With these new charging devices you may soon be working off those extra pounds and recharging your iPod at the same time as you can as the power will grow and flow as you move down the street.

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