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Apple Ends Location Tracking As We Know it in iOS 8

With hero whistleblower Edward Snowden’s many revelations about the National Security Agency’s international and domestic spying programs, including the massive collections of millions of Americans’ phone records and a Keyscore program that allows the NSA to search through emails of major providers Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, millions of people all around the world and at home are concerned and more aware than ever about the need to protect online privacy. Now more than ever, the tech giants including Apple have become very sensitive to their users privacy concerns – Apple especially, since it had to answer to its user base for previously openly complying with NSA secret court orders. Now, Apple is taking aim at location tracking services and apps privacy intrusions by ending location tracking as we know it in iOS 8. Currently marketers use a mobile device’s unique MAC address to keep track of it as a person travels from store to store in the mall by detecting their change in location as they pass through neighboring wifi networks. In fact, whole companies exist to install these complex tracking systems to help retailers and the like to track the locations of its shoppers. iOS 8 will make the location tracking of current systems completely useless because iOS 8 randomizes the device’s MAC address which the system uses to keep track of individual devices as they moved through the wifi networks. Ending location tracking by retailers and the like is a clear and absolute win for we fans of privacy – Apple is clearly listening to its hundreds of millions of users. Watch this neat video by the Verge highlighting the evolutions of iOS, we have come a long way since 2007:

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iOS 8 and OSX Yosemite – Apple Raises the Bar

Apple’s WWDC is always an exciting ordeal and event with Apple unveiling its newest and coolest stuff and this year was no different. Apple raised the bar at this year’s WWDC with the announcement of iOS 8 and OSX Yosemite. In fact this year was down right awesome and definitely brought back feelings reminiscent of the Steve Jobs era. Tim Cook and team seemed to have a hell of a lot of fun on stage and cracked many jokes that were really and truly very funny, all while demoing some of the coolest features we have seen from Apple in many years. The most notable of the new features was something Apple has dubbed Continuity. Continuity is a technology built into the new OSX Yosemite and iOS 8 that allows Apple devices to be aware of each other which opens a whole host of new fun possibilities. One that Apple showed off, was the ability to make and receive a call coming into your iPhone right from the comfort of your Mac using the computer’s microphone and speakers. Let me reiterate, you can take a call and you can make a call right from your desktop, how many times have we wanted to do that. Also your Apple devices are now application aware so you can start typing an email on your iPhone and pick up right where you left off on your Mac. OSX Yosemite has a stunning new look that looks much like iOS – it’s very cool and refreshing and looks to be a very welcomed change. Apple also opened up iOS a bit to offer support for third party keyboards finally! Swipe to type here we come! Apple also created all new dev tools for Apple developers including an entirely new programming language. With all of these awesome new features it becomes clear that innovation at Apple is absolutely alive and well and indeed thriving! The Apple we all know and love is back and she’s got lots of creative mojo working! Check out the round up segment from the Verge for all the hottest new features covered at WWDC 2014:

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Watch Apple’s WWDC Live Today

The time many Apple enthusiasts have long been waiting for, is finally here – Today is Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference). Although we can be sure what Tim Cook and team are going to talk about today, the rumor mill gives us a few ideas, namely iOS 8 and the next update to Mavericks. Unlike previous events, Apple is streaming the WWDC keynote live today on their website for all users with an apple device using Safari 4 or later. The festivities start at 10AM PST. Be sure to tune in and prepare to be bedazzled! We will update following the keynote…
Apple WWDC 2014

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Apple Technology (iOS) Coming to a Car Near you – Carplay

Apple has long been the champion of some of the most innovative tech we have ever seen for consumer use, from the simplicity and elegance of iPad Air, to the portability and convenience of the iPhone 5S, and to the sheer power and incredible performance of the Mac Pro. Apple and Steve Jobs earned an infamous reputation for having the “Next Biggest Thing,” – Well Tim Cook and team have not failed to disappoint because it’s here! Apple’s newest technology is coming to a car near you in the form of a fully interactive infotainment system that mimics iOS called “CarPlay.” CarPlay seen in the video below, will basically bring the power of Apple’s iOS to your car’s dashboard. Siri integration has been streamlined to offer lots of voice command functionality to do things like read and send texts, play music, get directions etc.

Based on this excerpt from an article on the Verge, it looks like there will be support for CarPlay from car manufacturers on a wide scale.

The first cars to support CarPlay will debut at the Geneva Motor Show this week, coming from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo. They’ll be followed by a very broad range of carmakers: Nissan, Peugeot, Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, and General Motors are among the big names promising to integrate CarPay into their forthcoming vehicles. Ford, which was recently reported to be moving away from Microsoft’s Sync in-car voice commands, is also among the roster of future CarPlay supporters.

Don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to have iOS in my car – it looks sweet!

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Apple Creates Stunning Tribute to the Mac [VIDEO]

Apple created a stunning 30-year tribute to the Macintosh by compiling video footage of people using products evolved from Mac all over the world. All of the video was shot using only I phones, we think that the end result of what came out is something even Steve Jobs would love – we salute you Mac!

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