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Tethered Jailbreak for Apple TV 2 (5.3) Now Available

All you Apple TV owning home theater enthusiasts eat your heart out and make some noise because a new tethered jailbreak is available for the Apple TV 2 running the latest 5.3 (iOS 6.1.4 – 10B809) The new software was released on June 19th, 2013. The latest update brought a few new apps, notably HBOGO, to the Apple TV. If you were thinking of installing XBMC on your Apple TV 2, now you can – all you need is a tool called Seas0npass. Go here or see the video below for a full how-to guide :-)

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More Apple Goodies on the Way (iPad Mini, iMac)

In a long awaited and eagerly anticipated media event, Apple is going to unveil a new set of goodies today. The rumor mill and the iPad Mini is all a buzz with features in the mix like a 7 inch screen and a Retina display and possibly the new lightning connector. With all of the leaked parts we have seen on the blogs, it is very likely that the great reveal today will be the iPad Mini, but many of us iMac users are hoping that Apple will reveal a new iMac based on possibly Intel’s new Ivy Bridge Core. the iMac has not been updated in over 18 months and is long overdue an update.


If Apple holds true to their name, prestige and reputation, they are not soon to disappoint and now might be a good time to invest in some apple stock :-)  You can watch the event live at 1 p.m. eastern.

Watch Live


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The Dark Knight Rises – Falls a Bit Short?

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of the most recent installment of Nolan’s Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, let alone sat in line for a couple hours to see the midnight release. Some of these die-hard fans, myself included, had even read the “Knightsaga” where Bane was initially introduced. Others had simply seen the previous two movies, most notably The Dark Knight, and had certain expectations for the psychological torment inflicted on Batman by the villain, as per the Joker’s MO. So now there are two groups entering the movie with high expectations for quality and a pulling story. While browsing rec.arts.movies.current-films, I stumbled across these two groups who had been naming their biggest pet peeves about the movies:

The first, who intimately knows Bane’s past and the events in the comics inspiring Nolan’s third Batman movie, were surprised and somewhat let-down by Hardy’s Bane. Not to knock Tom Hardy’s acting ability, the man is a hunk of talent Dark Knight Riseswho worked hard for the role. But the Bane the comic fans grew to know and love was a heartless, steroid-filled, genius villain. His motivation for destroying Batman was simply that he wanted the power, he wanted to be the strongest. The Bane they know and love would never have room left in his cold heart to love Talia Al Ghul. Understandably, Nolan had to make some adjustments to create a villain with a relatable motivation…love. Though we did miss his Mexican wrestling mask. It should be noted, though, that Hardy’s Bane was an incredible variation and was an extremely intimidating adversary for the previously retired Batman.

The second group had one of the most incredible acting performances of the decade fresh in their minds from The Dark Knight: Heath Ledger’s Joker. The second movie was in itself very well written and touching, but it would never have gotten to the peak of its success without Ledger’s awe-inspiring performance. His prestigious talent left the audience wondering how Nolan could possibly follow the Joker. It proved to be a very difficult task.

The movies each follow a one-word theme Nolan adopted to describe his projects. The first is Fear, as per Scarecrow’s toxin. The second, Chaos…enter the Joker. The third is Pain. Bane brings the Pain, and he does it well. But the cohesive feeling felt in the stories of the previous two films was lacking, there was something amiss in this one that left the audience hungering and wanting for more. Not to mention the political commentary in the film left some ambiguity about its reference to the Occupy Wall Street movement and exactly what side it was taking.

As a Batman fan, movies and comics alike, I will stand by the widely-held opinion that Nolan’s trilogy is quite possibly the best superhero series made thus far in cinema. Despite the flaws that are necessary in every film adaptation of a beloved book or comic, it has held its own. But sometimes, something is just too good to be true. And sometimes the Hollywood versions of what we know and love might not be what we imagined in our minds. But it’s definitely no argument that Anne Hathaway adequately filled in that Catwoman suit, Michael Caine gave a heart-breaking performance as Alfred, Tom Hardy created a new and different Bane that was still terrifying, and Christian Bale certainly gave us an unforgettable Dark Knight.  So here’s to the future of superhero movies: may this trilogy forever serve as the bar to surpass, and may our senses continue to be graced by the presence of explosions and spandex-clad visions of heroes and villains.

“Let the games begin!”

Long Live The Batman.

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NASA Turns Spy Telescopes into Dark Energy Detectors

Acording to a source in a post from newsgroup – NASA will be getting two military grade spy telescopes that they think can be adapted to study dark energy in deep space, something NASA has been wanting to do for a long time now. One of the astronomers credited with discovery of dark energy says the telescope’s optics are “perfect” to study dark energy in space. The telescope’s mirror is the same size as the famed and awesome Hubble telescope, but its focal length is shorter giving it a whopping four times the light collecting power of the Hubble and we all know how awesome the Hubble images turned out to be, well after the telescope gurus cleared up her eyeball :-) The re-purposing of these military telescopes will save the U.S. 250 million dollars on their future mission to explore and unwrap the mystery of dark energy, a mission that they were going to have to push back all the way to 2024 due to the cost. The original purpose and origins of these telescope’s design was not disclosed by the military, they only stated that they would be happy to see this become a NASA project now. In short, NASA and the planet can now thank 007 spys for bringing us one step closer to grasping the wonders of the final

See full article here.

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Star Wars Virgin…Yes they do exist

This is absolutely awesome and totally unbelievable if we hadn’t found it for ourselves in 

So believe it or not what many consider to be entirely mythical creature, actually does exist – the Star Wars virgin! Do not ask me how, but nonetheless according to this little experiment by, the Star Wars virgin does exist. Join @Christine of Mashable as she joins the rest of us in exploring the Star Wars universe Check it out as she live blog’s her reactions while she watches Star Wars – A New Hope… Christine you are so super lucky, oh how awesome it would be to see Star Wars again for the first time…

Check out the live blog –

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