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FCC Moving Forward with New Net Neutrality Idea


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted Thursday 3-2 to move forward with its new net neutrality idea. The federal net neutrality rules determine and will determine how all internet traffic in the United States is handled. In other words, will traffic from to and from all websites be treated equally as it is now or will bandwidth hogs like Netflix get charged more by ISPs to supply the higher traffic to its viewers? Only time will tell us the answer. As of right now, the FCC has opened the floor for public comment by anyone on this issue. Here are the details on the upcoming proposal:

The proposal includes two primary options. The first option, a scaled-back version of the FCC’s 2010 rules that were struck down by a federal appeals court, would allow companies to strike pay-for-preference deals that are scrutinized by the FCC. The second, more dramatic option would reclassify broadband service as a public utility, making it eligible for stricter regulation including a ban on pay-for-preference deals.

The FCC’s new proposal is based on the comments from the D.C. Court of Appeals that struck down the 2010 rules. The new regulation would not preclude companies from signing paid prioritization deals, but would include “a rigorous, multi-factor ‘screen’ to analyze whether any conduct hurts consumers, competition, free expression, civic engagement, and other criteria under a legal standard termed ‘commercial reasonableness,’” the FCC wrote in a press release.

That means companies would be allowed to sign deals, but the contracts would then need to be defended under the “commercial reasonableness” standard.

The proposal now goes through a comment period in which the FCC listens to everyone from industry advocates and lobbyists to think tanks and politicians. The FCC then writes a final set of rules that are voted on. That is not expected to happen until late in the year.

Whatever the outcome will be, the obvious and best outcome would be if all broadband providers were classified as common carriers – this would inevitably lead to lower monthly costs for all users and would probably lead to faster download speeds for everyone overall. Let’s hope they don’t choose the other option or we could all be left paying through the nose to watch House of Cards on Netflix.


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Government Trying to Pass Internet Sales Tax

No Internet Sales Tax PetitionLike us, many people would agree that the government is not particularly good at any one thing or many things with the exception of one unforgettable thing, they are very very very good at taking other peoples money and spending it – That’s right folks, we are talking about taxes. The government loves to tax and right now they are working on yet another way to tax you and me, an internet sales tax. The U.S. Government and manly states whose budgets are out of control with massive deficits, would like to impose a national sales tax on any and every good sold online. We are vehemently opposed to our government raising our taxes yet again. An government mandated internet sales tax, like the one Harry Ried is trying to ram through to the senate floor for a vote without even going through committee first, would mean that each state in the U.S. would be able to create its own tax that you would then have to pay for when you buy anything online. Since we all shop online at one time or another, all our taxes would go up because now we would have an internet tax – is nothing sacred. Why does the government always think it’s ok to take what rightfully belongs to you and me? Higher taxes means less take home money for you and your family – if you stand with us and agree that you do not want to have to pay an internet tax, sign this petition telling our senators, We don’t want your blasted internet tax!

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Get Out Your Vote!

Ok so before you get started with the article, you’ve already looked at the title and are in total shock…Yes we know already what you are thinking, this topic is a total departure from the usual techno quasi funny fore that we normally engage in, but occasionally even the techno gnomes need to pull themselves away from their gadgets to answer to a higher responsibility. Yes folks it is that time again, the time that happens every four years in this wonderfully amazing country of ours, it is time to cast your vote for the supreme office of the land – the President of the United States. We don’t leave our basement much accept to pickup pizza and Jolt cola, but even we have noticed our nation is facing some tough challenges. Today is your chance to get out and vote for the candidate that you think best represents you and what you stand for. So… go to the polls and get out your vote people!


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Heat Rises – So Does the Sea Level

The political atmosphere of America has been heating up as elections approach, causing some really intense political debates. Old, over-debated political standpoints on topics like global warming have been rehashed and sides have been taken. The newsgroup talk.politics.misc has been facilitating many of these debates, including the issue of a rapidly rising sea level. Global warming has always been a controversial topic, and it doesn’t look like any agreement is in the future of politics.

It’s not hard to see that temperatures across North America have been skyrocketing so far this summer, with seemingly no end in sight. Unfortunately, all this heat is having some adverse effects on the beautiful East Coast beaches. The Associated Press says that the 600-mile area from Cape Hatteras, North Carolina to Boston, Massachusetts (dubbed a “hot spot”) is experiencing a rate of rising sea levels up to 400% faster than the global average. All over the northeast flooding has  become an increasingly likely danger. Even Canada has been having issues, remember when Toronto’s subway flooded? On the bright side, now there will be more Ocean for swimming in!

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Obama Girl Changes Her Tune…

Oh America, how about that president Barack Obama – Well love him or hate him he has always had interesting publicity around him, who knows he may even think he is a rock star – we all remember Obama Girl who clearly thought he was a rockstar when she did her “Crush on Obama” song – she got like 24 million views with that! – how about that Mr. president YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR – HA! Psyc! Obama girl is the rockstar, not you :-) Well now after three years of this president’s hope and change, Obama Girl is singing a different tune…. This little gem was discovered from a post in newsgroup From the post -

Ettinger — like other young voters who rallied to Obama’s side four
years ago — isn’t fully convinced of where her loyalties lie in this
year’s election…


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