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ABC Nabs Comedy With Wilmer Valderrama (Fez from That 70′s Show)
ABC Nabs Comedy With Wilmer Valderrama
EXCLUSIVE: A comedy starring Wilmer Valderrama has landed at ABC.
American Dad co-executive producers Murray and Judah Miller created
the project, a live-action comedy with a musical component. They will
write the script and serve as showrunners. Saturday Night Live writer
Akiva Schaffer, who directs, co-writes and edits the majority of the
late-night sketch show’s digital shorts, developed the untitled comedy
with the Miller brothers and is on board to direct the potential
pilot. Valderrama, Murray Miller, Judah Miller and Schaffer will all
executive produce.  20th Century Fox TV, where Valderrama is under a
talent holding deal, is producing the project, which has landed a
script commitment plus penalty.
That ’70s Show alum Valderrama has 3 upcoming films: From Prada To
Nada, Tom Hanks’ Larry Crowne and the Spike Lee-produced  The Girl Is
In Trouble. On the feature side, Schaffer has The Adventurer’s
Handbook in development at Universal with Jonah Hill and Working
Title, and Henchmen at MRC with Bill Hader, which Shawn Levy is
producing. Valderrama, the Millers and Schaffer and are repped by UTA.
Schaffer is managed by Mosaic.
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4chan == Downed MPAA Site

So it seems the fine fellows over at 4chan are at it again and took down the MPAA site over the weekend. While I sympathize with anon (and do much enjoy the Guy Fawkes masks) I’m not sure that this is the best approach to take. Poking the hornet’s nest is often a really good way to get them angry and yourself stung. The problem here is that while those that make up anonymous  may not feel the sting themselves it might rile the MPAA enough to keep up the current lawsuit and technology DRM vector they’re on. Certainly the Betamax fair use decision continues to be whittled down and the MPAA should let people use their purchased films however they see fit, but legal maneuvers need to be taken. If you share this perspective it’s likely more effective to support the EFF instead of trying to take down the MPAA site, amusing though it may be. There’s also a small discussion about this going on in rec.arts.movies.current-films, feel free to jump in and continue the conversation.

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All a Hoax?

Found an article link in misc.writing.screenplays.moderated of Joaquin Phoenix being a crazy rap star is all fake! Whaaaaaat? He spent 2 years of his life acting for this mockumentary? Casey Affleck is the director of his new film “I’m Still Here” that came out in theatres last week and said it was his best performance yet. Seriously? I haven’t seen the film yet, but I have seen the trailer and I’m just not interested. I was really disappointed to what Joaquin Phoenix become of, but I come to find out it was all fake. I’m sure he dooped hundreds of people like me thinking he became a total retard. Even the interview on David Letterman’s show was all a fake!

CASEY AFFLECK wants to come clean.

His new movie, “I’m Still Here,” was performance. Almost every bit of it. Including Joaquin Phoenix’s disturbing appearance on David Letterman’s late-night show in 2009, Mr. Affleck said in a candid interview at a cafe here on Thursday morning.

“It’s a terrific performance, it’s the performance of his career,” Mr. Affleck said. He was speaking of Mr. Phoenix’s two-year portrayal of himself — on screen and off — as a bearded, drug-addled aspiring rap star, who, as Mr. Affleck tells it, put his professional life on the line to star in a bit of “gonzo filmmaking” modeled on the reality-bending journalism of Hunter S. Thompson.

2 years of straight acting? I don’t believe it! Joaquin Phoenix is schedule to appear on the Late Show with David Letterman next week (Sept. 22nd). I can’t wait to see how that turns out, but what’s to say if him acting normal is going to be all real?

Click here to read the full article.

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comp.sys.mac.apps – Stoplight Buttons in iTunes

Are you like me and don’t like it when apple app developers try to be funny or cute and try to change things that are standardized and working fantastically well in the first place? If so then try this little gem to correct the discombobulated minimize, maximize and close window buttons in iTunes10 – Guys if it works let it alone…Cheers!

—–Begin post—–
ITunes 10 Logo
This is from Mac OS X Hints:

iTunes 10 provides a different layout for the Close, Minimize and Maximize
buttons. Instead of being ordered horizontally, in iTunes 10 they’re
arranged vertically, like a traffic light.

Reverting the buttons to a horizontal layout can easily be done. With
iTunes not running, open Terminal and enter the following code:

defaults write full-window -1

To restore the vertical layout, simply use this command:

defaults write full-window -0

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The Pope has a rap song?

alt.celebrities.gossip – “Pope Having Trouble Selling Tickets, Despite Special Rap Song”

Pope Benedict XVI is having trouble giving away tickets to the events he’s presiding over during his visit to Britain. Even though he has a special rap track for the occasion!

According to The Independent, Catholic organizers are scrambling to give away the 400,000 tickets that have been allocated for open-air masses in Glasgow, London and Birmingham. Why? According to Catholic officials, it’s “administration problems,” of course!

Yes, it must be administrative problems, and not, say, that the events cost between five and 25 pounds to attend. After all, those aren’t entrance fees! No, no, according to Peter Jennings, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Birmingham, they’re “contributions.” See, attendees are “not paying to go to mass, which is free–-the £25 contribution is for the cost of travel and the travel arrangements.” Jeez, why isn’t anyone going to this free mass?

And it certainly has nothing to do with the fact that Benedict was one of several clerics involved in a massive institutional coverup of childhood sex abuse. No, it’s definitely “administration problems.”

The real tragedy? The Pope had his own personal rap theme for this visit! (He also got his own personal plaid pattern.) The song is called “Heart’s Cry” and it’s by a band called Ooberfüse. They “sample” him! Listen here:

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