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First Look and Review of the Xbox One

By many satisfied gamers accounts, Microsoft has been commanding the console gaming space for quite some time and with its new Xbox One home entertainment console it is looking to continue its gaming legacy. Revision3 Games takes a first look at the Xbox One and is very pleased with the value and entertainment this new gaming console brings to bare. Xbox One brings together top notch gaming hardware with quad-core GPUs and a 500Gig hard drive to boot. It may also be a welcomed addition to the home theater setup as it allows for digital pass through for your cable or satellite signals with a user interface that is second to none for navigating live TV content and or online content from streamers like Netflix or Hulu. The Xbox One has also refined the functionality of the Xbox Kinect to allow you to use voice commands and hand gestures to interact with the console, this is a real time saver for complex commands that are buried in submenus. The Xbox One is solid and will no doubt prove its worth as developers work on new games to take full advantage of its hardware gaming capabilities. The Xbox legacy continues…

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VLC Media Player Comes Back to iOS

vlc-media-player-iosMusic lovers, home theater enthusiasts and movie buffs everywhere will be thrilled to know that the gurus behind the extremely popular VLC media player can finally offer a media playback solution to Apple iOS users everywhere. VLC is an awesome open source digital media player that can playback virtually any format or file type. VLC player fist made its debut in Apple’s app store two years ago, but later had to be taken out of the app store because of a licensing issue. Now, thanks to a new license obtained by Video Lan, the VLC media player comes back to Apple’s iOS. Some of the most notable new features include new and easier ways to move your media files to your iOS device. The new VLC comes with Dropbox integration and streaming via custom URL. It also includes a rather nifty fileserver that you can use to send files to your iOS device via a web browser on your desktop or laptop computer. You can find VLC for iOS here.

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Create your Own Home Theater Using Your PC

Nothing can be more relaxing than curling up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and a good movie. The experience can be so much more awesome when we have lots of choices of what to watch and there is no better source of choices for content than the internet, but how do we get the internet to show up on the TV? Well, if you have a new HD TV set & a laptop or other computer with an HDMI out, you can make your own home theater. To get things started, you will need to get your computer connected to your TV so you can see and hear what you want to watch. Next you will want to have a wired internet connection so that you get full speed when streaming movies from sites like Netflix and Hulu. Lastly you will need a way to control your computer from the couch with out any wires getting in the way – for this we recommend a wireless keyboard & mouse combo. Once you’ve got everything connected and in place, you are nearly ready to roll, but the last piece you will need is a Media center style interface that you can use to manage all your music and movies on a bigger screen like your TV – for this, CNET recommends PLEX Media Center. Check out the video below for more info to get you off and running…

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ISS Astromaut Sings With Bare Naked Ladies & Records Song Live from Space

Lieutenant Uhura and Commander Spock were known for singing some really neat tunes in space, but none so neat as this catchy tune. In very special event, astronaut Chris Hadfield sings The song, “I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing),” live from space along with the Bare Naked Ladies band. The song was commissioned by and The Coalition for Music Education with the Canadian Space Agency and meant as a tribute to education and our schools. You’ll definitely find yourself tapping your foot to this little number as Hadfield and BNL have fun with this one :-)

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Obama Girl Changes Her Tune…

Oh America, how about that president Barack Obama – Well love him or hate him he has always had interesting publicity around him, who knows he may even think he is a rock star – we all remember Obama Girl who clearly thought he was a rockstar when she did her “Crush on Obama” song – she got like 24 million views with that! – how about that Mr. president YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR – HA! Psyc! Obama girl is the rockstar, not you :-) Well now after three years of this president’s hope and change, Obama Girl is singing a different tune…. This little gem was discovered from a post in newsgroup From the post -

Ettinger — like other young voters who rallied to Obama’s side four
years ago — isn’t fully convinced of where her loyalties lie in this
year’s election…


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