With hero whistleblower Edward Snowden’s many revelations about the National Security Agency’s international and domestic spying programs, including the massive collections of millions of Americans’ phone records and a Keyscore program that allows the NSA to search through emails of major providers Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, millions of people all around the world and at home are concerned and more aware than ever about the need to protect online privacy. Now more than ever, the tech giants including Apple have become very sensitive to their users privacy concerns – Apple especially, since it had to answer to its user base for previously openly complying with NSA secret court orders. Now, Apple is taking aim at location tracking services and apps privacy intrusions by ending location tracking as we know it in iOS 8. Currently marketers use a mobile device’s unique MAC address to keep track of it as a person travels from store to store in the mall by detecting their change in location as they pass through neighboring wifi networks. In fact, whole companies exist to install these complex tracking systems to help retailers and the like to track the locations of its shoppers. iOS 8 will make the location tracking of current systems completely useless because iOS 8 randomizes the device’s MAC address which the system uses to keep track of individual devices as they moved through the wifi networks. Ending location tracking by retailers and the like is a clear and absolute win for we fans of privacy – Apple is clearly listening to its hundreds of millions of users. Watch this neat video by the Verge highlighting the evolutions of iOS, we have come a long way since 2007: