Batman is back, taking on Gothams street thugs and criminal mastermind Scarecrow in Rocksteady’s new game Arkham Knight. This new and final installment into Rocksteady’s Batman trilogy promises to bring a dark, sinister, yet exciting caped crusader adventure to your PS4, Xbox or PC this fall. Batman will take on his most psychotically heinous and mentally destructive nightmare magician, as he threatens to unleash a toxic airborne hallucinogen designed to bring Gotham’s worst nightmares to life. Piece of cake for Batman right? Not quite….the nightmare does not stop there. Batman will face an entirely new unknown and formidable evil counterpart, the Arkham Knight. From the trailer, we can see that Batman can now cruise around town in the batmobile on demand. One thing we can be sure of, Arkham Knight looks to be one hell of a ride!