christian-baleFrom superhero to con man, Christian Bale has risen to the occasion and blown us all away with his amazing character portrayals in the Dark Knight Trilogy and American Hustle – Well, he may have the chance to do that yet again as rumors are surfacing that Bale is first choice to play Steve Jobs for David Fincher should he decide to direct Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming portrayal of Apple CEO Steve Jobs based on  Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography. Fincher has been reported as saying that he is only interested in doing the film if Christian Bale is on board. Could be a while before we know anything as Bale is taking a break from acting to spend time with his family and also shooting for the Jobs film won’t start until 2015. Regardless, this could be a great film because remember Sorkin and Fincher were the dynamic that brought us The Social Network in 2010 all about Facebook’s rise.