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Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Here and It’s Cool

Samsung galaxy lovers eat your heart out, it’s that time of year again for you guys to get all googly eyed and salivating with anticipation for new Galaxy gear – The Samsung Galaxy S5 is here and it’s really cool :-) Check out the video below as The Verge get a hands on look at this new flashy and stylish phone with an esthetic that resembles its predecessor with a few nice touch-ups here and and there. The new design has a nice rubbery grip pattern on the back. Hardware updates include, heart rate monitor on back with 2GB of Ram and 16 megapixel camera along with a stunning 5.1 inch AMOLED display and a fingerprint scanner, not to be outdone by Apple. This sleek, quiet yet stunning addition to the Galaxy line…

Source: The Verge

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Paralyzed Skier Walks Again With the Help of a 3D-Printed Exoskeleton [VIDEO]

With our continued quest to learn new things and never give up through tech and innovation, engineers have struck gold in striving to help those of us who have suffered mobility loss and need our help the most.This story begins with Amanda Boxtel who was paralyzed from the waist down in a skiing accident 22 years ago and a robotics and 3D printing company dedicated to helping her walk again. Today, thanks to a groundbreaking 3D-printed robotic suit developed by 3D Systems and EksoBionics, the paralyzed skier is able to stand up and walk around on her own. The 3D printed parts are what really make this suit amazing because for the first time, it allows its wearer to comfortably fit into it without causing unwanted bruising from awkward pressure points. Bruising can be really bad especially if you are paralyzed and can’t feel it, because the bruising could lead to infection. This new suit could be the salvation for many paraplegics, each one would be customer made for its wearer’s body. Check out this amazing video of Amanda walking:

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Kickstarter Hacked, Data Stolen – Users Read This!

Extremely popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter was hacked this past Saturday according to their blog post, Kickstarter users’ data was stolen in the breach. According to the information, user data such as usernames, addresses, phone numbers and encrypted passwords were taken in the attack – Kickstarter is advising all of its users to change their Kickstarter password along with any other sites they use that same password on immediately. Though it would take time for the hackers to decrypt the passwords and it is difficult to do, it can be done. Kickstarted sealed the breach as soon as they discovered the breach and they have taken steps to ensure further security measures are in place. We would like to take a moment to recommend to our users that you use a password manager to generate unique passwords for all the different site you sign up for. By doing this, you make it impossible for hackers to compromise other accounts on other websites you belong to. For more information on password managers see this video “How to use password managers” from TekZilla on Revision3:

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Movie Minute: Escape Plan

Escape plan is an action packed mind bending thriller that will have you guessing at every turn, as world renoond prison security expert Ray Breslin is setup and sent to the most secret, most secure prison in the world and has to use his skills to escape. The fun doesn’t stop there though, Breslin enlists help from the inside, from a fellow prisoner (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Together this action hero powerhouse will risk life and limb to escape their ego maniacal captor Warden Willard Hobbes. Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger live up to their reps as two complete badasses you don’t want to cross. If like lots of guns and cloak and dagger style backroom kinds of deals, this film does not disappoint as Ray Breslin is setup and betrayed by his very own business partner for the promise of $5 million a year from top secret organization. If you liked the expendables series, you will love this flick.For more great info and reviews check out newsgroup REC.ARTS.MOVIES.CURRENT-FILMS. Want to read the Usenet newsgroups, but don’t know how to get started? Get a Usenet account. Check out the trailer -

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Movie Minute: Ride Along

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart form an awesomely hilarious brotherly like bond reminiscent of the bad boys series in the latest cops and crooks film Ride Along. Kevin Hart plays a laid back fun loving aspiring police officer who despite all his best efforts has been unable to win over his girlfriend’s older brother who a full on police detective training day style. Ben (Kevin Hart) is elated with the news that he finally gets into the police academy and he musters up enough courage to ask his girlfriend’s brother James (Ice Cube) for his blessing to marry his sister. Needles to say, James is less than impressed so he decides to take Ben on a full on police Ride Along so Ben can show James what he is made of… What follows is a crazy, wild bullet dodging adventure that nearly gets both of them killed by the end of the day! This flick is a must see for comedy lovers everywhere – check out the trailer below:

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