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Game of Thrones Returns and Promises to be Bloodier than Ever

The HBO acclaimed hit series Game of thrones returns for yet another heart pumping adrenaline driving thrilling season. As was the case with the previous season, the 4th new season of game of thrones returns and promises not to disappoint, it may turn out to be the bloodiest season ever. The battle is won, But the war is far from over – just watch as Westeros is plunged further into darkness. Check out the awesome trailer below, The new season starts April 6…

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New 3D Cardboard could be the End of Bubble Wrap

The Christmas season is now behind us and for many this past year, now more than ever, most of their Christmas gift shopping happened from the comforts of their own homes in front of a computer or iPad through online shopping sites. This new trend is one of the easiest means of shopping for Christmas and while allowing people to avoid the mad rush and consumer madness that goes along with shopping in stores in person, ordering gifts from online retailers presents it’s own set of new challenges. The largest of these challenges is receiving your gifts in one piece, to say nothing about getting them on time. And while most national shipping companies in the United States guarantee delivery of your gifts on time, sometimes things can get damaged in the trip to your house. Typically packing materials like styrofoam or bubble wrap will be used to protect your gift while in transit, but these packing materials can be costly and take longer time to pack things slowing down shipments and productivity of online retailers. The answer -¬†Enter¬†ExpandOS, a new 3D cardboard packing material that can outshine styrofoam and be the end of bubble wrap. The new 3D packing material is made up of flat pieces of cardboard that interlock together to form 3D triangular blocks. The cardboard is made from sustainable paper pulp and it can be recycled at your curbside. One ream of cardboard can form enough packing pieces to fill a refrigerator box! To show the power of this stuff, the inventor is sending a box with a brick, light bulb and coffee mug all in the same box with his packing material – so far only one coffee mug has broken :-) Watch this incredible test of this new material below:

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