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First Look and Review of the Xbox One

By many satisfied gamers accounts, Microsoft has been commanding the console gaming space for quite some time and with its new Xbox One home entertainment console it is looking to continue its gaming legacy. Revision3 Games takes a first look at the Xbox One and is very pleased with the value and entertainment this new gaming console brings to bare. Xbox One brings together top notch gaming hardware with quad-core GPUs and a 500Gig hard drive to boot. It may also be a welcomed addition to the home theater setup as it allows for digital pass through for your cable or satellite signals with a user interface that is second to none for navigating live TV content and or online content from streamers like Netflix or Hulu. The Xbox One has also refined the functionality of the Xbox Kinect to allow you to use voice commands and hand gestures to interact with the console, this is a real time saver for complex commands that are buried in submenus. The Xbox One is solid and will no doubt prove its worth as developers work on new games to take full advantage of its hardware gaming capabilities. The Xbox legacy continues…

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Netflix Gets a Facelift with a Snazzy New TV Inerface

Once again, Netflix maybe revolutionizing the way we watch TV in our homes. Netflix has been fast going the cord cutters and cable TV watchers who are tiring of astronomical monthly bills – they have aggressively been expanding their TV and movie content library to make cutting cord with cable easy and more attractive. Now Netflix is really stepping their online content game with a totally new user interface geared toward TV watchers. The new interface will make watching Netflix content on the TV a more enjoyable experience. Check out this video preview:

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Android 4.4 KitKat is Here and It’s Good!

Google is pleasing and exciting mobile enthusiasts around the globe again with a new version of Android – Android 4.4 KitKat is here and it’s good! The new Android operating system hosts a slew of new improvements including some nice new visual tweaks to accelerate motion while screen/app switching as well as a translucent menu bar at the bottom. The phone dialer has been completely re-vamped with integrated yellow pages like search and lookup – now making it easier to get the contact information of places right inside the dialer with a few taps of the finger. KitKat also does away with the messages app and integrates texting into Google Hangouts which was traditionally for video calling, kind of like facetime for the iPhone. Android 4.4 KitKat is far more than just visual bling however, it also host a vast set of new system improvements under the hood that all the Android operating system to run well on a much wider range of devices from higher to lower end devices – Android KitKat can now run on phones with as little as 512MB of RAM!

Android 4.4 KitKat has been released on the Nexus 5 and is soon to come one other Google Play enabled devices such as the Nexus 7. Check out this video from the verge:

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