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Scientists Create ‘mini brains’

In what would almost always be classified as a feat of medical science fiction, neuroscientists have successfully created miniature human brains from adult skin cells. These adult mini brains, termed ‘cerebral organiods’ were also formed using embryonic stem cells. The portion of the embryo that developed into the neuroectoderm -the brain and spinal cord, was placed in tiny droplets of gel to give a scaffold for the tissue to grow and was then placed into a spinning bioreactor. The bioreactor is a nutrient bath that supplies nutrients and oxygen during the brain growth process. These mini brains have already given neuroscientists much insight about brain diseases and developmental abnormalities microencephaly (Sufferers develop much smaller brains). They hope to use these mini brains to one day understand better the causes for other common brain disorders like schizophrenia and autism. The mini brain is said to resemble that of a week old fetus, having structures like a cerebral cortex, a retina, and even an early hippocampus. Watch this video below from BBCNews -

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Steve Wozniak Chimes in on ‘Jobs’ Film

The super geek and co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak chimes in on Ashton Kutcher’s new ‘Jobs’ film and says, “There were a lot of things wrong.” As you will see in the Bloomberg interview below, Woz says that they didn’t give a very accurate portrayal of Steve Jobs in the early days of Apple. The Steve Jobs they portrayed in the early days of the Apple 2 was not the inexperienced entrepreneurial Jobs full of flaws and going through the learning process before he got booted out of Apple, Jobs is apparently portrayed as the Awesome visionary he came to be during the time of the iPod and the iPhone. Woz say the acting was good, but that they didn’t provide a good picture of what Jobs relationships with other people in the company looked like, he says though, “I did laugh at times.” Wozniak is also consulting on another version of a film on Steve Jobs by Aaron Sorkin. See the full interview below:

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The New Mac Pro is Coming and It’s Bad Ass!

Well Mac super power users have long awaited the overhaul of the Mac Pro and it has finally arrived! This machine has stunning good looks as well as hardware that operates at melt your brain speeds! This is the sort of innovation we are accustomed to seeing from Apple and from the looks of this baby they do not disappoint :-)

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