vlc-media-player-iosMusic lovers, home theater enthusiasts and movie buffs everywhere will be thrilled to know that the gurus behind the extremely popular VLC media player can finally offer a media playback solution to Apple iOS users everywhere. VLC is an awesome open source digital media player that can playback virtually any format or file type. VLC player fist made its debut in Apple’s app store two years ago, but later had to be taken out of the app store because of a licensing issue. Now, thanks to a new license obtained by Video Lan, the VLC media player comes back to Apple’s iOS. Some of the most notable new features include new and easier ways to move your media files to your iOS device. The new VLC comes with Dropbox integration and streaming via custom URL. It also includes a rather nifty fileserver that you can use to send files to your iOS device via a web browser on your desktop or laptop computer. You can find VLC for iOS here.