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Teenager Turns IRON MAN: Builds the Best Replica Ever

Nothing is cooler than dressing up and impersonating your favorite comic book super heros. Many throughout time have done so to be one step closer to their super hero and to see what it’s like to fight crime and save the universe. This has led to people creating all kinds of do it yourself costumes made of all sorts of things. Well one teenager, Archie Whitehead, has taken DIY costume making to the max, making the most realistic Iron Man costume we have ever seen. He decided that he wanted to recreate the Iron Man suit, but since he is only 17, he didn’t have much money, so it had to be cheap. After some careful digging into what he could use, he struck gold :-) Inspired by someone who made a Halo costume out of foam, he decided that would be his material of choice. To construct the suit, he grabbed 3D templates from forums and used tons of reference images to make any corrections for detail accuracy. To make the parts, he used the templates to trace everything and then cut the parts out with a knife. Next, to make it paintable, he coated everything with an acrylic gel. Lastly he painted everything with spray paint for the final touch. The whole suit is made of foam and looks down right awesome! Archie, who claims to be an aspiring designer, obviously has one hell of a gift :-) The whole costume cost $500 and took 4 months to make. To see all more pictures of the Iron Man suit, click here!



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Government Trying to Pass Internet Sales Tax

No Internet Sales Tax PetitionLike us, many people would agree that the government is not particularly good at any one thing or many things with the exception of one unforgettable thing, they are very very very good at taking other peoples money and spending it – That’s right folks, we are talking about taxes. The government loves to tax and right now they are working on yet another way to tax you and me, an internet sales tax. The U.S. Government and manly states whose budgets are out of control with massive deficits, would like to impose a national sales tax on any and every good sold online. We are vehemently opposed to our government raising our taxes yet again. An government mandated internet sales tax, like the one Harry Ried is trying to ram through to the senate floor for a vote without even going through committee first, would mean that each state in the U.S. would be able to create its own tax that you would then have to pay for when you buy anything online. Since we all shop online at one time or another, all our taxes would go up because now we would have an internet tax – is nothing sacred. Why does the government always think it’s ok to take what rightfully belongs to you and me? Higher taxes means less take home money for you and your family – if you stand with us and agree that you do not want to have to pay an internet tax, sign this petition telling our senators, We don’t want your blasted internet tax!

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Google Glass First Look: Unboxing

A select few very lucky soon to be Google Glass owners (Explorer program) are now receiving their Glass – take a look at this first look unboxing by Dan McLaughlin. Google has definitely shown they have got some design chops, the packaging on this thing rivals the elegant designs of Apple… Take a look:

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Create your Own Home Theater Using Your PC

Nothing can be more relaxing than curling up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and a good movie. The experience can be so much more awesome when we have lots of choices of what to watch and there is no better source of choices for content than the internet, but how do we get the internet to show up on the TV? Well, if you have a new HD TV set & a laptop or other computer with an HDMI out, you can make your own home theater. To get things started, you will need to get your computer connected to your TV so you can see and hear what you want to watch. Next you will want to have a wired internet connection so that you get full speed when streaming movies from sites like Netflix and Hulu. Lastly you will need a way to control your computer from the couch with out any wires getting in the way – for this we recommend a wireless keyboard & mouse combo. Once you’ve got everything connected and in place, you are nearly ready to roll, but the last piece you will need is a Media center style interface that you can use to manage all your music and movies on a bigger screen like your TV – for this, CNET recommends PLEX Media Center. Check out the video below for more info to get you off and running…

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Stephen Hawking Says We Will Have to Leave Earth to Survive

stephen hawking
According to the Los Angeles Times, Stephen Hawking said in a statement during a lecture at Cedars-Sinai Regenerative Medicine Institute that, “We must continue to go into space for humanity, we won’t survive another 1,000 years without escaping our fragile planet.” Stephen Hawking believes that space is next frontier for the human race and given the amount of abuse we put our planet through on a daily basis, we would tend to agree. Hawking was visiting the institute to explore new stem cell research and treatments that hold promise for treating Lou Gehrig’s disease, the disease that Hawking has lived with for the last 50 years. Having built a working ION drive and uncovering a recent break through in warp field theory, NASA is now performing warp field experiments and we could very well be 10 to 20 years out from interplanetary travel – so humanity may find a new home sooner than we think :-)

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