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Unreal Game Engine Gets Ported to a Web Browser

Remember the good old days of capture the flag and running in and out of enemy bases brutally trashing your opponents with headshot after headshot in Unreal Tournament and how much fun it was to rag on your friends about the size of your frag count? Well, thanks to the folks at Epic Games and Mozilla, you may soon be able to relive the good old days from the comfort of your web browser. Mozilla & Epic Games successfully ported the whole Unreal game engine to a web browser, making fluid gameplay from a web browser a real possibility. The over one million lines of code was optimized for a browser in just 4 days! Check out how awesome the rendering looks – we can’t wait to see what games evolve from this, Epic and Mozilla may have just opened up a whole new chapter in modern day gaming…

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Microsoft New Xbox Axes Optical Drive

New XboxIf you are a gaming fanatic like we are, you will be one among many eagerly awaiting the release of the next Xbox, hopefully slated to be released this fall. The rumors are all a buzz of what the new console will bring, but we might now have some clue as to what to expect thanks to a leak by VLGLeaks. Thanks to a microsoft document released by VLGLeaks, it looks like the new Xbox will not use optical discs for game play anymore. Apparently according to the leak, the new Xbox is coming with a large storage option to store a large number of games and the actual disc will no longer be needed for the game to start. So it appears Microsoft is making the right call and going the way of digital content delivery. Perhaps in the future it will be possible to download entire games from Xbox Live :-) The leak also shows that the new console will be equipped with a blu-ray drive to download store bought games to the console’s hard drive.

While this latest information jives with what makes sense for the next evolution of the console, we wouldn’t accept it as gospel because the leak is part of an SDK document written some time last year – Microsoft could have changed things since then, we will keep you posted on this one :-)

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Life on Mars? Curiosity Thinks So.

It wasn’t long ago that NASA achieved one of its greatest triumphs by successfully creating, building, launching and landing the Curiosity Rover on the surface of Mars. Well, as amazing as all of those happening were, it now appears that the Curiosity Rover may have uncovered something even more amazing. Based on recent analysis of Mars bed rock samples drilled by Curiosity, NASA believes that life once existed on the red planet! Elements in the rock point to some of the basic building blocks of life – nitrogen, oxygen and  sulfer and sulfides which means microbials. Rocks also showed an absence of high concentrations of salt which is another indicator to NASA scientists that Mars was once home to a thriving fresh water environment. Perhaps home to an ancient civilization – maybe they lived on Mars and re-located to Earth when Mars started making living life normally a tough thing to do. One thing is for sure, this is just the beginnings of Curiosity’s findings – who knows what future discoveries will mean for us in endeavoring to answer the question, are we alone out here?

Check out NASA’s Curiosity page for updates – Click Here.


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The Pirate Bay Moves to North Korea

tpb-koreaIn quite an interesting and albeit surprising turn of events, the Pirate Bay is moved to North Korea. A special connection in North Korea has granted the Pirate Bay absolute asylum to host their services. We find it laughably ironical that the Pirate Bay who abdicates freedom of information for the free world, would find it’s home amongst the government of one of the most censorship prone dictators in the world today. No one is sure what this invitation from North Korea will mean for both parties, but one thing’s for sure, North Korea might be opening up to changing their policies on freedom of information some time in the near future. Only time will tell. This is just another example of how the Pirate Bay continues to defeat the big corporations and and their scare tactics by the bullying anti-piracy groups. In the of the freedom of information everywhere, we say good for you Pirate Bay!

Source: TorrentFreak

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Scientists Grow Eyeballs on the Tail of a Tadpole

In the genetic experiment sounds like something right out of Frankenstein, scientists have been able to augment tissue (primordia) that would eventually grow into a functioning eyeball onto the end of a tadpole’s tail. These experiments were carried out by scientists from the Tufts’ Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology. Ethical questions aside, we decided we had to report on this because it’s such an odd story – brings a whole new meaning to eyes in the back of your head, or rather tale in this case :-) Many of the eyes that were implanted, actually responded to LED lights. Science is indeed strange and it just keeps getting stranger, twilight zone eat your heart out!

More on the story here.


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