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A Super-capacitor That Can Charge Your Smart Phone in the Blink of an Eye

After reading the title of this article you’re probably thinking, “What the hell is this guy smoking? Thats not possible.” Well, normally we would agree, but appears that scientists have stumbled onto a Star Trek like power source. While trying to find better ways to make graphine, scientists discovered graphine could power an LED for 5 minutes after being hit with a charge for only 2 seconds!! As it turns out graphine is one of the strongest materials we know of today and is made out of a single layer of carbon. Not only will this material be great for powering our mobile phones, it may even be used in electric vehicles one day. Another little tidbit of coolness about graphine is that they used standard pc dvd drives to make the graphine by using the drive’s laser to de-oxygenate the graphite oxide, the building block of graphine. Next up an iPad that can charge up in one minute and run for 2 days :-) Here’s a nifty video:

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A Drink Coaster that Can Charge Your Phone

Don’t you just hate it when you’re on the go throughout the day, going about your business checking your emails, making phone calls, and getting directions to your hotel and then your phone dies…uhhg – We have all be there when the battery dies. People will try all kinds of things to conserve juice including running fewer apps at a time or buying expensive extra battery packs. Both of these options are not appealing to most power users who need their phone, but now there might be an answer. Epiphany Labs has created a drink coaster (Epiphany onE Puck) that can charge your phone when you place a hot or cold beverage on it. The coaster uses a Stirling heat engine to generate electricity. Check out the video, it’s really cool!


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ISS Astromaut Sings With Bare Naked Ladies & Records Song Live from Space

Lieutenant Uhura and Commander Spock were known for singing some really neat tunes in space, but none so neat as this catchy tune. In very special event, astronaut Chris Hadfield sings The song, “I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing),” live from space along with the Bare Naked Ladies band. The song was commissioned by and The Coalition for Music Education with the Canadian Space Agency and meant as a tribute to education and our schools. You’ll definitely find yourself tapping your foot to this little number as Hadfield and BNL have fun with this one :-)

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Apple MacBook Pro Retina Gets a Price Dip w/ More Power Under the Hood

All hail and praise the technology Gods, the almost unfathomable has happened…Apple has actually dropped their prices on the MacBook Pro with Retina display and others. The 13 inch MacBook Pro with Retina display is now $200 cheaper at a new price tag of $1,499 and the better 256 gig SSD version is now $300 less at $1,699. But Apple didn’t stop there, the 13 inch also gets more power under the hood going to 2.6GHtz from 2.5. Looking for a bigger screen, well get ready to dance because Apple has an answer for you too – The 15 MacBook Pro Retina lower in unit get a speed boost to 2.4Ghtz from 2.3 and the high end retina gets a little pick me up from 2.6Ghtz quad-core to 2.7, add to that double of the RAM to 16GB. All in all it’s a nice thing Apple has done putting a little pep in the step of their most awesome notebooks while at the same time making some of that greatness more affordable for those of us without money trees growing in our back yards – Thanks Apple, your not so bad after all :-)

P.S.- They also knocked $100 off the MacBook Air for those of you who like to travel super lite.


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Untethered JailBreak iOS 6 and Higher is Here

If you’re an iPhone owner looking to do all the cool customizations that come along with jailbreaking your iPhone, you might want to stand up and dance a quick jig as jailbreaking on iOS 6 and 6.1 for all iPhones,iPads and iPod touches is now possible thanks to evasi0n. This is one of the simplest jailbreak processes we have ever seen. All you have to do is hook your iphone or ipad to your computer and run the evasi0n app – you can let it do its thing and then it will restart you device and ask you to unlock the home screen and tap the evasi0n icon (only once), after that the device will finish up and reboot a few times and then you’re all set – jailbreak done :-)

**Be advised you will want to backup your device in iTunes or on iCloud before you attempt the jailbreak in case anything goes wonky. If something goes wrong with the jailbreak hold down the home button and the power button on your device and your device will go into recovery mode and you can start the process over by running evasi0n again.

Download Evasi0n for Mac:
Download Evasi0n for Windows:
Written Tutorial:

Video JailBreak how to:


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