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Open Wifi for all Mankind

Open Wifi MovementCan you imagine an entirely connected world, a world where you could check your email at Starkbucks before you leave for work, a world where you could get live traffic updates and the latest notes before your morning meeting in your car on the way to the office, or a world where you could get on a live video call with your Grandma at a public bus stop on the way to her house? Now imagine that we can do all of these things over completely free wireless networks. Well the people behind the Open Wifi Movement seek to do exactly that and provide all of mankind with free and open wireless internet access. As you can imagine this is quite a lofty goal and indeed could get quite expensive, so how does the Open Wifi movement intend to solve this problem and reach this lofty goal? Simple, by covering the planet with completely open and unsecured wireless networks owned and operated by private citizens like you and me. The members of the movement argue that by opening our personal wifi hotspots to our friends and neighbors around us, everyone benefits because together we can offer wider wireless coverage that can be used by everyone. Your probably thinking to yourself that”This sounds great, but what if I want to watch a movie on Netflix and my neighbors are sucking up all of my bandwidth?” – Friends of the Open Wifi movement have thought of that too and have proposed collaborating with wifi router manufacturers to include bandwidth controls so that you will get the bandwidth you need when you need it and allow other users more bandwidth while you are not using it. We are big fans of this movement and are very interested and excited about where it could take internet freedom and access in the future.

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Unstoppable Superbugs Have Met Their Match
Superbug MRSA Killed by Antimicrobial Hydrogel

This is a look at MRSA superbug ‘biofilm’ before and after being hit with the hydrogel.

Thanks to the brilliant bio-wizards of IBM and Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, we now have an awesome tool to kill drug resistant superbugs like MRSA. Together the two partners have created what they have called an antimicrobial hydrogel to successfully fight off and kill the superbugs dead in their tracks. The hydrogel is a welcomed accomplishment as hospitals are repeatedly falling victim to these superbugs that have developed very strong defenses against our store of antibiotics. The gel is very safe and biodegradable so it can be introduces as a gel or even mixed with a dermal cream. The hydrogel is a huge step forward in combatting superbug infections.

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Movie Minute: Jack Reacher

Tom Cruise puts the “Jack” in Jack Reacher. Surprisingly Mr. Cruise, although he may be small in stature, delivers a riveting and very convincing Jack Reacher. Reacher on the move and off the grid in typical Reacher fashion, surfaces in the big city when a military trained sniper kills 5 random people then asks for Jack Reacher by name when he is arrested. Jack teams up with Helen, a lead prosecutor in the DA’s office and becomes lead investigator on the case. What seems on the surface as an open and shut case to Reacher, quickly spirals into something quite different. Jack and Helen find themselves on a dangerously treacherous ride they won’t soon forget. Cruise has Reacher down to a T from start to finish, if like the books, you will love this movie :-)

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Is Facebook’s New Graph Search All That & a Bag of Chips?

Facebook has just announced yesterday that they have made huge improvements to their otherwise bordering on crappy search engine. The wizards over at Facebook are dubbing the new search engine “Graph Search.” With Graph Search users are supposed to be able to use everyday language to find useful information that relates to them and their friends. For example, a search for “friends that work at my company” would return a list of all available friends who list your company in their profile. While this is kind of neat and we can see the potential, like the question in the title of this article suggests, “Is Facebook’s New Graph Search All That & a Bag of Chips?,” truly remains to be seen – we think the answer is no. While the idea is cool, we think this is more like a natural evolution of Facebook search that should have happened years ago. C’mon guys what took you so long, we all knew the original Facebook search was terrible at best, nearly always returning crap that did not relate at all to our actual search. Over time this new graph search may prove to be a major improvement, but for the moment we remain unimpressed, try again Zuckerburg :-) As with anything that manipulates user profile data to gather its results, the new Graph Search also raises new privacy issues as well. Here is a video going over some of the ways to manage and maintain what little privacy there still is on Facebook:

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A Real Star Trek-esk Glass Keyboard: Luminae TransluSense

Luminae Glass Keyboard by TransluSense

Well ladies and gentlemen, our dreams of having a see through glass keyboard not unlike the one used by Plague in Hackers or the ever morphing translucent system displays on Star Trek the Next Generation, has finally become a reality as of CES 2013. The Luminae keyboard, which originally started as a Kickstarter project in 2012, ended up getting tripple its funding and now has come to us as a real life functioning LED glass keyboard that can change colors :-) The keyboard uses a series of cameras to detect disturbances in the patterns of light on the glass to tell what you are doing as you type. The keyboard has both infrared and color LEDs – you can get one today for a mere $500 smackers…It’s really damn expensive, but boy is it damn cool too!



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