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NASA’s ION Drive Breaks New Record

Remember the famous impulse drive that Captain Kirk and crew so often used while in space dock or traveling short distance, well, NASA has one in the form of an ion drive and they just broke a record of 43,000 hours of burn time. That amounts to a total of 5 years continuous ion thruster burn! Sulu and Chekov better watch out, Pluto here we come – well not quite…the amount of thrust from NASA’s Xenon thruster drive is too small to propel a manned craft any significant distance, but it could be used to propel small satellites or probes to other planets in our solar system. Check out this video from Mashable for more…


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The Skinny on the New Skinny iMac

If your wondering, “is the new iMac all that and a bag of chips?,” the short answer is not just yes, but absolutely and totally YES. The new iMac is both pleasing to look at and just a down right awesome experience in front of the keyboard. The sheer brilliance of the new design is evident with every curve and super thin edge. It conveys a gentle level elegance not previously know to the iMac line. Staring at the new glass mounted display really brings the whole OSX experience to life as the vibrance of color and detail on the screen make it possible to almost reach out and touch your applications. We had the privilege of taking the new 27 inch for a test run and we were totally delighted as the applications seemed flow forth fluidly, seemingly instantaneously, as we commanded it about with the mouse. The way in which she (the iMac) responded to our touch was not unlike the McLaren F1 as it instantly rockets to full acceleration when you step on the gas – it was digital bliss! We might want to mention too that it did have a 3.4Ghz i7 under the hood, so it was no slouch. Among many of the other amazing things we noticed was that it was so so very quiet – we copied massive amounts of data to it, it didn’t flinch and it barely made a sound – we would not have believed there was a fan inside if we hadn’t seen the teardown of one earlier. Lastly, the boot up time was fantastic – barely 10 seconds! To get your iMac humming this quick, your going to have to upgrade to an Apple Fusion Drive with 128GB of flash storage, an upgrade we would highly recommend :-) All in all the new iMac was an incredible experience that left us wondering where had it been all of our lives….

If you love Mac and you’ve got the cash, the new iMac is a must have awesome buy :-) Get your iMac today.

The New iMac

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New Concept from SnapKeys Si Tells the QERTY Keyboard to Shove It!

Everyone is familiar with the tired old QERTY keyboard. We’ve seen them on mobile devices ranging from cell phones, to tablets, to mobile gaming systems – most of the time these keyboards are decent and we are able to get our words across, however, there is often not enough finger real-estate on the screen to make the use of these keyboards comfortable. Thanks to the clever folks over at SnapKeys Si, your fingers may now be able to breathe a little bit easier while using your onscreen keyboard. The developers at startup SnapKeys have created a total reimagining of the traditional QWERTY keyboard, giving the user a much better more comfortable experience while typing. We could go on and on talking about how awesome this new SnapKeys keyboard is, but we figured the best thing to do would be to let you see it for yourself. The Beta app launched today. You can download it here.

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GE Jet Engine Tech Makes Laptop Cooling Fans a Thing of the Past

Well the incredibly clever folks over at General Electric engineering (GE) have invented a new cooling cooling technology that makes standard cooling fans for today’s laptops totally obsolete. GE engineers have created a tiny, quiet and super thin cooling device that mimics the action of human lungs to cool electronic devices – they are called “Dual Piezo Jets.” The cooling device itself sucks air in and blows air by expanding and contracting the air between two metal plates. The expansion and contraction occurs by sending an alternating current through the plates at a high frequency – say 100Htz. The moving of air in this way allows for much better air flow and cooling compared to our conventional cooling fans of today. Because of the size and construction of the dual piezo jets, it now becomes possible to cool extremely small electronics with ease – this is a bonus as our electronic devices continue to shrink in size year after year. Another very important benefit to these new jets is that there are no parts to wear out overtime, unlike the standard cooling fan’s ball bearing. You guys that don’t like noise from your laptop will love the new dual piezo jets as they are much quieter than today’s cooling fan. GE engineers have once again made our lives better :-) GE you are awesome, we salute you!

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Movie Minute: The Hobbit

If you are a huge elaborate fantasy buff or just an avid movie fan, chances are you have your eyes set on Peter Jackson’s new film – the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The Hobbit is an exploration of the adventures of Bilbo Baggins before he gets possesion of “the ring” and the stories of the friends he meets along the way. Some friends like Gandalf you will already know, others will be new unless you have read the books. Besides looking like another fantastically epic cinematic master piece from director Jackson, this film also to be ground breaking in another real way as it is shot in a new format – the Hobbit will be viewed and shown in theaters at 48 frames per second, that is twice the standard of 24 frames per second for anyone who does not know. This is the first film to be shot and shown at this higher frame rate as new technologies in digital videography have finally made the higher frame rate a possibility. So what’s so great about this higher frame rate you may ask, well the answer lies in the motion of the video. At the higher frame rate, motion or movement of the characters on the movie screen will appear more fluid and smooth – there will be less blur on the screen. Watching a movie at the higher frame rate will indeed take some getting used to as our eyes will have to compensate and  adjust – Peter Jackson thinks that this is the way of the future for movies and is very excited about the new experience brings to the audience – we think it will add a new dimension to the cinematic experience.

The Hobbit hits theaters on December 14th.

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