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A Touch Screen that Touches Back

touch screen smartphone TactusImagine if your smartphone had a touch screen that you could touch and it would touch back, sound like science fiction? Well it used to be up until very recently… A company called Tactus Technology has invented something it dubbs the Tactus Display – this display is capable of a assuming raised tactile shapes when touched. This means that as you touch the screen, real touchable raised buttons would appear under your fingers and then go flat again when you stop touching the screen – yes folks you heard right, it’s a screen that can morph itself on command with a simple touch. The implications of this are awesome particularly for people with visual impairments preventing them from otherwise being able to use a smartphone device.

The prototype screen would consist of a bottom sheet of glass and a top layer of silicone based elastomers with the space between beging filled with cavities. These cavities would then be filled with  some clear fluid to create the raised button configuration of a QWERTY keyboard for example. The cavities would be filled by some kind of pumping mechanism that would push the fluid into place pushing the elastic layer on top into place creating the raised surface. After you stop touching the screen the fluid retracts and the top layer of the screen goes flat. The longer we live, the closer we are getting to Star Trek tech :-) Look for this tech to appear sometime next year.

Have a look at this Video

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Gloves That Talk

enable-talk-glovesAt this point you are probably scratching your head and wondering if you read the title of this article right, wondering if maybe your eyes are playing tricks on you – well don’t go out and see your ophthalmologist just yet, you’re not seeing things, at least not yet :-) A group of Ukrainian students have indeed invented a pair of gloves that talk, well with the help of a modern cell phone. The gloves, called “Enable Talk Gloves,” cost a mere $75/pair and allow hearing impaired folks to talk to those of us who can hear fine, but don’t know the first thing about sign language. The gloves detect signing gestures from the hearing impaired person and then transmit the translated words to text wirelessly to a cell phone which then reads the words aloud for the listener. Watch out Gene Roddenberry, star trek here we come!

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Get Out Your Vote!

Ok so before you get started with the article, you’ve already looked at the title and are in total shock…Yes we know already what you are thinking, this topic is a total departure from the usual techno quasi funny fore that we normally engage in, but occasionally even the techno gnomes need to pull themselves away from their gadgets to answer to a higher responsibility. Yes folks it is that time again, the time that happens every four years in this wonderfully amazing country of ours, it is time to cast your vote for the supreme office of the land – the President of the United States. We don’t leave our basement much accept to pickup pizza and Jolt cola, but even we have noticed our nation is facing some tough challenges. Today is your chance to get out and vote for the candidate that you think best represents you and what you stand for. So… go to the polls and get out your vote people!


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