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Star Trek Blows Up Google

In true and absolutely stereotypical UsenetGeek style and fashion, all of us here at UsenetGeekBlog always stand up and take of all things Star Trek. With this year marking the 46th anniversary of Star Trek’s continued awesome warp speed journey through the stars, fans are showing their fondness and appreciation in all forms and kinds of ways all over the internet. Although we have seen many cool things of late, our friends over at Google have taken the cake with the latest Star Trek Google Doodle blowing up the Google homepage highlighting some of our best loved moments of the original series including the trouble with tribbles, Captain Kirk’s glorious battle with the Gorn and the always unlucky red shirt junior almost certainly beaming down to his death…almost :-) – the doodle has since been taken down, but a fellow trekkie has taken the liberty of saving this awesome doodle for posterity :-)

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Apple’s iPhone 5 is Coming…

Today is the day that many Apple geeks are sitting in front of their computer sitting on the edge of their seat eagerly anticipating the arrival of the long awaited iPhone 5. We all hope for something awesomely mind blowing from Apple today as we have all been playing the rumors game over the past 12 months, a game which nearly started immediately after the release of the iPhone 4S. Over the past few months the net has been overflowing with possible new feature chatter with the anticipation of the release of iOS6 on the iPhone 5 – rumored to be among the improvements are a bigger display to keep up with the joneses, true 4GLTE support, and NFC technology or near field communication. Whatever the outcome of today’s showing, if Apple stays true to form and they usually do – we will not be disappointed :-)

The iPhone 5 event starts today at 1:00PM EST. You can watch it live in the stream below :-)


Live Video streaming by Ustream

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