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NASA Turns Spy Telescopes into Dark Energy Detectors

Acording to a source in a post from newsgroup – NASA will be getting two military grade spy telescopes that they think can be adapted to study dark energy in deep space, something NASA has been wanting to do for a long time now. One of the astronomers credited with discovery of dark energy says the telescope’s optics are “perfect” to study dark energy in space. The telescope’s mirror is the same size as the famed and awesome Hubble telescope, but its focal length is shorter giving it a whopping four times the light collecting power of the Hubble and we all know how awesome the Hubble images turned out to be, well after the telescope gurus cleared up her eyeball :-) The re-purposing of these military telescopes will save the U.S. 250 million dollars on their future mission to explore and unwrap the mystery of dark energy, a mission that they were going to have to push back all the way to 2024 due to the cost. The original purpose and origins of these telescope’s design was not disclosed by the military, they only stated that they would be happy to see this become a NASA project now. In short, NASA and the planet can now thank 007 spys for bringing us one step closer to grasping the wonders of the final

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Star Wars Virgin…Yes they do exist

This is absolutely awesome and totally unbelievable if we hadn’t found it for ourselves in 

So believe it or not what many consider to be entirely mythical creature, actually does exist – the Star Wars virgin! Do not ask me how, but nonetheless according to this little experiment by, the Star Wars virgin does exist. Join @Christine of Mashable as she joins the rest of us in exploring the Star Wars universe Check it out as she live blog’s her reactions while she watches Star Wars – A New Hope… Christine you are so super lucky, oh how awesome it would be to see Star Wars again for the first time…

Check out the live blog –

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Obama Girl Changes Her Tune…

Oh America, how about that president Barack Obama – Well love him or hate him he has always had interesting publicity around him, who knows he may even think he is a rock star – we all remember Obama Girl who clearly thought he was a rockstar when she did her “Crush on Obama” song – she got like 24 million views with that! – how about that Mr. president YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR – HA! Psyc! Obama girl is the rockstar, not you :-) Well now after three years of this president’s hope and change, Obama Girl is singing a different tune…. This little gem was discovered from a post in newsgroup From the post -

Ettinger — like other young voters who rallied to Obama’s side four
years ago — isn’t fully convinced of where her loyalties lie in this
year’s election…


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Prometheus – An Essential for Sci-Fi Fans

“They went looking for our beginning. What they found could be our end.”

Tonight is the awaited opening of Prometheus, the much-needed prequel to Alien. Fans will be getting answers to questions they’ve harbored about the series since the first release in 1979. Ridley Scott continues his role as director which means we’ll get more moments of “Ewwww!” followed by pseudo-philosophical discussions about mankind’s place in the universe. There are also some aspects reminiscent of “Lost” thanks to Damon Lindelof taking on the role of co-writer and executive producer. Lindelof’s contributions help to create some moments in the movie that probe the audience to ask reflective questions which they’ll never get the answers to, a plus for fans of “Lost”.

If you want to fully appreciate this movie, I highly recommend sitting down and at least watching Alien so when everyone else is gasping and murmuring in the theatre, you won’t be hopelessly confused. There are so many things this movie has to offer, including some disturbing creatures in need of some serious Freudian psychology sessions, that practically beg any sci-fi fan to sit in awe of it’s glory. Usenet’s various newsgroups are getting hyped up about tonight’s release, include one poster on rec.arts.drwho who encourages a viewing:

“Expecting perfection or seeing so many movies you’re jaded can set you up for a fall but I thought Prometheus sounded promising enough I’d give it a try and treat the movie on its own terms…There’s enough in the movie to keep things moving forward and enough surprises that Prometheus has enough in it to justify watching.”

If you need more convincing, just check out this trailer!

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