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Happy Hunger Games

This weekend is the opening for the movie, “The Hunger Games”. Its estimated to be the biggest movie opening so far this year. Media claimed that “John Carter” was the first biggest blockbuster of 2012, but turned out to be a big disappoint at the box office (I personally thought it was a great movie, and see no reason why it did so horribly).

The Hunger Games will likely be one of the greatest mega-blockbuster that run side by films like “Harry Potter”, “The Dark Knight”, “Spider-Man”, and even the “Twilight Saga”.

If you haven’t read the trilogy by Suzanne Collins, you should! The story line didn’t interest me at first, but once I started book one, I got hooked to finish the entire series at once. It’s a great read. The movie will definitely be an awesome treat for the huge fan based it has already acquired, including me!

For more information, check out this article from yahoo!: ‘Hunger Games’ mania could lead to box office record

Catch “The Hunger Games” trailer below.

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For the Love of Game Shows has some great chatter of remembering game shows hosted on the Nickelodeon Network. Some of my favorites back in the day were Legends of the Hidden Temple, Double Dare, and Wild and Crazy Kids. You don’t realize how old you are until you start remembering shows that haven’t aired for a decade like they were here yesterday!

Other game shows on different networks that I thought were awesome is Supermarket Sweep, and Press Your Luck. The Price is Right is also a great one, but only when Bob Barker was the host. =)

I think the only exciting game show nowadays is Minute it to Win it. Definitely keeps you off of your seat.

What was your favorite game show?

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Een blik op de toekomst

Deze week werd van 14 tot 16 maart Innorobo gehouden in Lyon Frankrijk. Innorobo is de grootste robotbeurs in Europa. Dit jaar kwamen meer dan honderd exposanten uit 11 verschillende landen bijeen om kennis en expertise te delen over hoe robots in de toekomst hulp kunnen bieden. Er waren meer dan 150 robots te bewonderen.

Mocht je het gemist hebben dan is er volgend jaar vast een nieuwe kans om Innorobo te bezoeken. Ondertussen kan men via de web site alsnog een beetje meeproeven van deze ervaring. In 2011 werd de beurs voor het eerst gehouden. Vanwege het succes was de beurs dit jaar nog uitgebreider. Of, voor wie het ervoor over heeft om ‘iets’ verder te reizen, de Robotics Asia 2012 beurs staat gepland voor 10-12 juli. Meer info over deze beurs is beschikbaar via

Hoe dan ook, genoeg materiaal voor uitgebreide discussies. Doe mee op Usenet in de nieuwsgroepen alt.binaries.robotics enĀ  comp.robotics.misc.

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