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Man are We Small…I Mean Really Small!

In keeping with our ongoing love and fascination with outer space and the universe, we thought we would take a moment and share something amazing that will absolutely blow your mind and melt your brain at the same time…once upon a time scientists pointed the best telescope the Hubble at what appeared to be nothing..and…..were they ever wrong!

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The Hobbit Trailer is Here!

The official trailer for the long awaited and eagerly anticipated film The Hobbit: the Unexpected Journey, is here and it gives us a tantalizing taste of what looks to be quite a formidable and awesome installment to the Lord of the Rings series – A we dive right back into the action with Gandolf and Bilbo Baggins as they embark on a fantastic quest together to find a special treasure, looks to be anything but dull with the shady re-appearance of the oh so lovable Smigel!

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