Speaking as one who owns a smartphone and did some awesome shopping over Thanksgiving on the infamous Black Friday – it is totally incredible to be able to shop around with ease and all on the fly to find the hottest deal – everyone knows where I am going with this, the all to amazing Barcode scanning apps – Like  IOS’s ShopSavey.  The power of the barcode in concert with the internet allows us to find any item’s description, best price, and nearest location where we can find the item all with a quick snapshot with our phone’s built in megapixel camera.
A group call the Consortium for the Barcode for Life is putting together an extensive and very impressive database of 5 million DNA sequences cataloging over 500 thousand unique species. Next time you go to your favorite 5 star fine dining restaurant and you order fresh catch Salmon, a DNA barcode could be used to identify that you are indeed getting and eating the real thing.  These DNA barcodes could also be used to identify fake or knock off herbal medicines and offer you a full proof guarantee that you are getting the real stuff. The applications for this are awesome have many possibilities – who knows…maybe one day you will have to pass a DNA barcode scan to get a driver’s license – big brother here we come :)