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Mars here we come!

This past Saturday November 26 2011, NASA sent into space an Atlas V rocket that carried a payload of a totally Awesome laboratory onboard the Mars rover “Curiosity” whose job it will be to explore the bottom of a 100 mile wide crater that is believed to hold the key to unlocking and discovering the possibilities of life on Mars. Curiosity will spend its time questing for organic life…watch as Curiosity soars to new hieghts as she reaches the vastness of space without a hitch :)

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Life In a Barcode

Speaking as one who owns a smartphone and did some awesome shopping over Thanksgiving on the infamous Black Friday – it is totally incredible to be able to shop around with ease and all on the fly to find the hottest deal – everyone knows where I am going with this, the all to amazing Barcode scanning apps – Like  IOS’s ShopSavey.  The power of the barcode in concert with the internet allows us to find any item’s description, best price, and nearest location where we can find the item all with a quick snapshot with our phone’s built in megapixel camera.
A group call the Consortium for the Barcode for Life is putting together an extensive and very impressive database of 5 million DNA sequences cataloging over 500 thousand unique species. Next time you go to your favorite 5 star fine dining restaurant and you order fresh catch Salmon, a DNA barcode could be used to identify that you are indeed getting and eating the real thing.  These DNA barcodes could also be used to identify fake or knock off herbal medicines and offer you a full proof guarantee that you are getting the real stuff. The applications for this are awesome have many possibilities – who knows…maybe one day you will have to pass a DNA barcode scan to get a driver’s license – big brother here we come :)

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Broadband Coming At Ya for Less than $10/Month!

We all know how Best Buy loves to love their customers when you go in to buy a suped up car stereo system and then they proceed to up sale you just about everything but the car itself, well now in its latest venture Best Buy has teamed up with Microsoft, Cox and TimeWarner Cable to actually leave you with a few dollars in your wallet and get online with broadband. In a program the call “Connect to Compete” these companies are offering one megabit/sec broadband links to anyone who is at a low income level. Their plan will help level the playing field for families and children who are less fortunate by bringing the vast recourses of the internet to their home allowing them to connect others, companies and other organizations already online. To get on their new super fast connection, Microsoft is offering computers loaded with great software for around $250 – a very thrifty price indeed. This program is targeting the 35 million or so households that do not have internet or are on an old terribly slow snail connection. Best Buy we do like you, but this time we have to give you big cudos along with your partners because “You done did GOOD!” – The day that everyone has access to the internet will be amazing because anyone can create and share their gifts with anyone. From all of us here at UsenetGeeks – “Long live the internet!”

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