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The Thing Coming in October

This trailer is actually suppose to be the prequel of the original movie The Thing by John Carpenter. Seems pretty intense. Can’t wait until it comes out to theatres.

Here is the original trailer from 1982. Almost 30 years ago!!

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Huge Storm on Saturn

Strolling through, I came across an article with an enormous storm going across the planet Saturn. A storm that is still going on today that has lasted for months! Check out the amazing image below.

Link to Article >
Follow the link to hear audio as well! Hear Audio

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For the NFL Fans

Here’s a funny Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout Spoof

Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout with Taylor Lautner from Taylor Lautner
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The 4th Of July And The Real American Heroes…

This past weekend was a time of the all too familiar United States flags flying in the breeze and the sounds of thunderous booms and brilliant bright sparkles of light scattered throughout the sky as families came together in love and fellowship united and strong to celebrate the lives and memories of the United States heroes who have made this amazingly awesome country of ours alive, thriving and possible. Tis true that the 4th of July has become a day of family fun, massive exploding Chinese surprises, and finger licking oh so sticky and delicious barbeque, but it is important to remember the reason why we all get together on the forth of July. We come together to celebrate the ideas that our great nation was founded upon, the freedom to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Many brave men and women have given their lives for these ideas because they believed in something far greater than themselves and they loved their country far more than they loved themselves. These men and women are the real American Heroes…God Bless America!

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Allerlaatste kans!

Aanstaande vrijdag 8 juli staat de laatste vlucht van Atlantis gepland. Met deze vlucht zal het spaceshuttle programma van NASA aan een einde zal komen. Vier astronauten zijn inmiddels aangekomen in Cape Canaveral, Florida. De vlucht staat gepland voor 17.26 Nederlandse tijd, onder voorbehoud van de juiste weersomstandigheden enz. Voor de laatste lancering worden opnieuw veel bezoekers verwacht langs het gebied wat in de lokale omgeving de Space Coast wordt genoemd. Van Titusville tot Cape Canaveral, en van Cocoa Beach tot Melbourne, FL zullen bezoekers de kans hebben om deze unieke ervaring mee te maken. Er zijn plekken genoeg waar men goed uitzicht heeft. Een shuttle launch meemaken is met geen woorden of foto’s te omschrijven. Voor wie deze kans niet heeft, zorg dat de TV of het internet aan staat!

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Voor discussies over de space shuttle, bezoek de nieuwsgroep

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