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Got your bike stolen? Get a new one free!

Wie heeft niet een fiets verloren door diefstal? Nederland heeft de hoogste fietsdichtheid van de hele wereld. Volgens  zijn er in totaal 19 miljoen bruikbare fietsen in Nederland.

In Rotterdam wordt momenteel onderzocht of het financieel haalbaar is om ieder slachtoffer meteen van een vervangend exemplaar te voorzien. Hierbij zou men fietsen gebruiken die jaarlijks van de straat worden gehaald omdat ze verkeerd geparkeerd staan. Deze fietsen zouden vaak niet door de eigenaren worden opgehaald. Het gemeenteraadslid dat het voorstel deed geeft toe dat het niet de oplossing van het probleem is en dat het bestrijden van diefstal belangrijker is.

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Doe mee aan de discussies op Usenet over alles wat met de fiets of het fietsen te maken heeft!  Bezoek de nieuwsgroep nl.fiets of nl.fiets.ligfiets.

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Once again Japan…WTF?! Meat made from poo.

I continue to be shocked daily by the things scientist study. Combine that with a culture who likes game shows that injure people and/or make you want to barf and you get…Meat made from human feces.

“The scientists hope to price it the same as actual meat, but at the moment the excrement steaks are ten to twenty times the price they should be thanks to the cost of research…They hope that once the research is complete, people will be able to overlook that ugly detail in favor of perks like environmental responsibility, cost and the fact that the meat will have fewer calories.”

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Doctor Who’s Darkest Yet Finest Hour

Doctor Who-vians and enthusiasts alike get ready for a super tardis time warp as Doctor Who and his group of brave time traveling companions take an asteroid by storm to rescue their ever so awesomely cool and attractive companion Amy Pond who if you remember was turned into a very lovely bubbly pile of goo in the last episode, and her baby from a group of overzealous trigger happy marines who are just itching to take the doctor out. The marines who are under the impression the doctor is some kind of evil war lord are ready to go at a moments notice. Doctor Who of course being who he is, it should come as no surprise to everyone that the Doctor already knew what was going on and was prepared for them :) Doctor Who and his clever companions manage to take them by surprise and disarm the whole crew without any harm coming to anyone including a group of monks whose heads were gone yet they somehow still managed to engage in a light saber battle that would make the Jedi look like gnomes. After a doctor Who special – aka massive takeover – Doctor Who and friends seize the base. Doctor Who and Rorie arrive just in time to save and the baby but with a surprising twist, we discover that Amy’s baby is already gone replaced by a gooey baby instead :) In yet another asteroid quaking moment we find out that at the end of the episode Amy’s baby is none other than the Doctor’s wife! :) If you want to know what happens you’ll be waiting a long time because the Doctor and crew are going on a little space hiatus in the tardis for the next few months so don’t hold your breathe to long or you might pass out! If you haven’t heard of Doctor Who before be sure to give him a go, join in all the hair raising time traveling adventures on iTunes – you will not be disappointed :)

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Oldies But Goodies Get a New Facelift in 3D as They Join the World of Nintendo 3DS

Earlier at a gaming expo during the Gamers convention E3 2011 Nintendo gurus unveiled some exciting new mind blowing renditions of some of the coolest titles Nintendo has under its belt. These titles include the fierce heroic bravery of our old friend link in some new 3DS and Wii additions of our old favorite franchise Zelda. Face melting demos literally explode on the screen with stunning new 3D versions of our favorite Zelda characters and monsters. When the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D hits shelves on June 19 many Heros, myself included, will be looking forward to diving right in swords at the ready.

Oh my fellow Nintendo connoisseurs the fun does does not stop there – you better make sure your sitting down for this one – our two favorite plumber brothers Mario and Luigi have been rejuvenated and invigorated into a whole new fantabulous 3D world constructed from scratch. Mario literally comes to life in your hands as you go down pipes that seem to jump out at you and as you skillfully dodge turtles that look like they are going to hit you square in the face, the 3D is amazing! None of our Mario Bros. favorites have been overlooked. This is truly a masterful redesign of Mario Bros. from the ground up and Mario and Luigi are looking real good in 3D!

Lastly it’s time to throw on your helmet and get geared up for a fast heart pumping hair blowing ride down memory lane with ExciteBike 3D. It’s sure to satisfy the needs of the most adrenaline crazed junkies and low riders alike. Get ready to rocket your bike into thin air as you and your bike reach a whole new level in 3D, from the looks of things this new addition is a great homage to the early Excitebike and will not dare disappoint!

This year at E3 Nintendo’s developers packed a real wallop and blew up the 3DS world with some oldies, but goodies – in fact some would argue possiblly the very best. Nice job Nintendo we salute you!

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Companies Join Forces to Fix Internet’s Biggest Problem in Decades

Imagine if the world ran out of phone numbers. Mobile providers could issue no more smartphones, businesses could create no new call centers, and the public would be left fighting over and recycling a diminishing amount of existing phone numbers. “That’s a similar situation that we’re in on the Internet,” says Facebook’s Donn Lee, pointing out that the Web’s billions of IP addresses are about to hit its max.

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Lee is Facebook’s lead engineer on IPv6, or Internet Protocol version 6, the first new version of the Internet’s addressing system in decades, which will provide trillions and trillions more unique addresses on the Web. Every time you go online or print a document at work, you’re essentially dialing a unique number — called an IP address — to communicate with other devices and computer networks. It’s no different than visiting a friend: You might know the name of his apartment building, but you’ll need an address and zip code in order to locate it on a map. The Web works in the same way, but as the number of homes and businesses and devices connected to the Internet continues to increase exponentially, we’re rapidly running out of space online. And now it’s up to Internet giants such as Facebook, Google, and Yahoo to fix the problem before it’s too late.

The solution is simple to understand but difficult to implement. The original version of the Web’s addressing system, IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4), had a shorter range of numbers — think a phone number with only, say, ten digits — that yielded roughly 4.3 billion available addresses or combinations. With IPv6, more digits are being added to that phone number, thus “increasing the number range,” Lee says. “The whole address is now 2^128, which is a huge, nearly infinite number.” According to one report, IPv6 will enable 340 trillion, trillion, trillion addresses. To transition to the upgraded system, however, IPv6 requires a big push from the Web’s biggest players, and on Wednesday, the first steps are being taking on World IPv6 Day, a 24-hour test to weed out any bugs and accelerate adoption, which some are calling the biggest experiment in the history of the Internet.

“We’re not switching to IPv6, we’re becoming bilingual: We’re continuing to support IPv4, but adding IPv6 compatibility,” Lee says. “It’s the first time it’s ever been done on global scale, with such huge participation around the world.”

The test marks a big transition on the Web from public to private initiative. In the 1970s, DARPA began funding research that would eventually lead to the creation of the first Internet Protocol address system. By the 1980s, DARPA rolled out the Internet to the public, with the fourth revision of the address system, IPv4, as its standard. Yet now, as IPv4 is all but tapped out, the solution to the problem won’t come from DARPA–the solution has fallen on the shoulders of big private tech companies. “World IPv6 Day was driven primarily by the large websites,” Lee says. “To my knowledge, there was no requests to the government to migrate to IPv6.”

Last summer, the ball started rolling at an IPv6 conference, when Google engineer Lorenzo Colitti began discussing a solution with Lee. “Lorenzo essentially had this idea that Google couldn’t turn on IPv6 by themselves, but if we could get a few of us to agree to turn it on at the same time, then we might be able to do it,” Lee recalls. “I went back back to Facebook and asked whether we could do this. After we talked it over, I called up Lorenzo, and said, ‘I think I can make this thing happen.’ And we thought we’d probably only need to add one more company. If any one pulled out, it would fall, like a three-legged stool. We essentially went to Yahoo and said, ‘Two of us are in, we need one more, can you be the third?’”

Tomorrow, as the World IPv6 Day test fires up, Facebook, Google, and Yahoo — traditionally competitors in the Internet landscape — will come together with hundreds of other major organizations to pool resources for a greater cause. “IPv6 is much bigger than any one company,” Lee says. “We felt that it was for the good of the Internet and future generations of the Internet.”

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