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X-MEN: First Class

Do you find that strange things happen to you on a regular basis like things suddenly catching fire in your hands or something spontaneously turning to water when you touch it…..if so do not be frightened – you are gifted! In fact there is a wondrous place laced with intrigue cutting edge science and adventure where you can go you will feel right at home. The place we are talking about is Professor Xavior’s school for the gifted, here you will be taught to embrace control and grow your abilities to use them to your advantage for the good of all man kind. Check out this video clip to get an insiders glimpse into what it is like being a part of Xavier’s school for the gifted.

Come join Xavier if you are ready to be all you can be…

Find out more in Usenet newsgroup :rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe

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Einstein’s Biggest Secret

Are you a scifi junkie? If you are wondering weather or not the fact that you own a life sized cut out of R2D2 puts into the category of scifi junkie, let me save you some time, the answer is most definitely YES! If you are jumping up and down in your chair screaming “YES THAT’S ME!” then wake up and take notice because we have found a book that is sure to charge your phasers! Next time you are in the age old library or your browsing the iBooks bookstore, be sure to check out “Final Theory” by Mark Alpert. Check out the excerpt from this post in –

What I am reading now is a book of fiction called
*Final Theory* by Mark
Alpert, it is based upon the scenario, what if Albert Einstein’s so called
Unified Field Theory could both be solved and thus proven scientifically?
This book of fiction takes physics out of the classroom and into the
high-stakes realm of action, danger, and a plot that could doom the world.
An elderly physicist, one of Einstein’s last living colleagues, is brutally
tortured, then left to die, when he refuses to reveal what he knows about a
long-hidden secret — the solution to Einstein’s proposed Unified Field
As his life ebbs, he whispers a mysterious string of numbers to Colombia
professor David Swift.
Torn between excitement and disbelief that such a momentous discovery could
have remained a secret for all these years, David Swift has no time for
Already, both a lethal Russian assassin and the FBI are hot on his trail.
His one hope is to team up with his former girlfriend Monique Reynolds, a
brilliant Princeton scientist, in a desperate race to uncover the shocking
truth before they are both silenced — forever.
It does for science, what the Da Vinci Code did for Religion.

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Space the Final Frontier

In today’s era of high-tech advancement and achievements with inventions like the electric hybrid car and ultra thin light weight super powerful hand held computer touch screen tablets like the iPad 2, it would and should not come as a surprise to many that our advancements don’t stop within the field of micro-computing, but indeed extend far into the exciting and adventurous unknown realms of space travel as well. In today’s busy worldly age, our media streams from reporters are largely filled with the happening of daily life here on earth and very seldom do we hear anything about the progress being made in the field of space travel. Despite our unawareness, thankfully due to the vision of the people and teams at Virgin Galactic, the goal of eventual commercial space travel for you and me is very much alive and well. Not to discredit the incredibly fantastic exploration missions or technological advancements made by NASA and others who have made it possible to land on the Moon and build the international space station, the teams at Virgin Galactic have only improved and opened up the possibility that the average man may one day be able to travel into space. Using design principles from NASA’s space shuttle designs coupled with new aerodynamic principles in composite design, Virgin Galactic has produced a light -weight space shuttle that can be used over and over with a very quick turn around time and it is capable of soft runway touchdowns just like an airplane. The VSS Enterprise, as it is lovingly named, is able to maintain a solid and stable atmospheric re-entry profile through the use of tail section that is rotated into a upward 65 degree angle to the fuselage after which at around 33,500 feet the pilots rotate the tail back down so that the ship is returned to it’s glider shape and can then glide to finish with a nicely controlled soft touch landing.

On May 4th 2011 the VSS Enterprise completed her first successful test flight of her “feathered” re-entry configuration over the skies of the Mojave Desert in CA., the Pilots Pete Siebold and Clint Nichols climbed to an altitude of 51,500 attached to the aircraft carrier WhitKnight2 and were then released activating the Enterprise’s “feather” configuration and falling near vertical at 15,500 feet/minute for almost one minute and 15 seconds and then at 33,500 the pilots switch the VSS Enterprise back to glide mode and she had a nice smooth soft touchdown on the runway. The test was a complete success and this news only serves to show that commercial space travel is cost viable and possible with a re-usable vehicle like the VSS Enterprise. With 7 flight under her wings since she was commissioned in December 2009, the Enterprise is sure to be seeing the vastness of space very soon… Stay tuned!

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