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Oranjegekte terug in Nederland

De finale van het WK in Zuid Africa staat nog vers in het geheugen. Nog even volhouden, kan niet wachten tot 2014 voor de herkansing. De wereld heeft onlangs echter meer gezien tijdens de finale dan een van de beste voetbalteams ter wereld: Oranje! Overal waar men ook kijkt.

Gelukkig hoeven we zo lang niet te wachten om het oranje in Nederland weer terug te zien. Zaterdag is het weer zover! 30 april is het Koninginnedag in Holland en slaat de oranjegekte weer toe. Voor één dagje dan. Koninginnedag wordt dan weer uitgebreid gevierd en er zijn in het hele land feesten en evenementen. Nog geen outfit bedacht voor morgen?  Zolang het oranje is, zit het altijd goed!

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Sneak Peak into the Hobbit World /w Peter Jackson…

Elvish friends, warriors, wizards and hobbits rise to attention as director Peter Jackson takes us on an enchanted journey back into the wondrous lands of the Shire and the Elvish home of Rivendell on this special sneak peak of The Hobbit. Join the fellowship as Peter Jackson first takes us back to the house of Bilbo Baggins where the fantastic journey and adventure with Gandalf continues…

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Auto Rai 2011 opent met spectaculaire stunt

De Auto Rai is het grootste autofeest van Nederland. Op 13 april gaat de Auto RAI 2011 van start in de Amsterdamse Rai. Autoliefhebbers kunnen elf dagen lang, tot en met 23 april 2011, met volle teugen genieten van het nieuwste en mooiste dat de autowereld te bieden heeft.

Dit jaar wordt de AutoRai op spectaculaire wijze geopend met een stunt die nog niet eerder in Nederland is vertoond. De stunt kan alleen worden uitgevoerd bij een snelheid van precies 59 km/u. Daarom is er een snelheidsbegrenzer ingebouwd. De stunt wordt uitgevoerd door de ervaren stuntman Steve Truglia en wordt voor het eerst vertoond op dinsdag 12 april op het AutoRAI Buitenpark. Vanaf 13 april is de stunt vervolgens driemaal daags te zien voor publiek van de AutoRAI. Klik hier voor de video.

Meer informatie over de Auto Rai vind u hier. U weet al wat uw favoriete auto is?
Voor elk merk is er wel een nieuwsgroep op Usenet!;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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NFL Pro Football…in court

They are still going to hold the NFL Draft – at least that’s what they are saying now.

Who knows if they will though, now that only a month after the Superbowl, the only real action is in a courtroom. The players are all bringing anti-trust suits against the NFL. Big names are involved like Peyton and Eli Manning and Tom Brady.

Is it another case of greedy management trying to take advantage of the workers? Or over-paid prima donnas pushing to garner even more millions on top of the millions they already have? My opinion is both. They all take the fan’s money for granted. But who will stop watching in protest? Sadly, not even I, because I love NFL Football.

In the end, they’ll work something out. There is just too much money to lose all around. Billions of dollars will get shared somehow. It would be great if we, the fans, could take them to court for high priced tickets even for lousy teams.

More to say? Head over to to react.

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Online… Offline… what’s the difference?

Torrent Freak had an article over the weekend that helps to highlight the insanity that is the current state of IP law enforcement. They bring up the excellent point that law should not arbitrarily cease simply because it becomes easier and cheaper to infringe upon your rights.

“When I write a letter to somebody, I and I alone choose whether I identify myself in the letter inside the envelope, on the outside of the envelope, both, or neither. It is my prerogative completely whether I choose to communicate anonymously or not. This is a right we have in analog communications and in law; it is perfectly reasonable to demand that the law applies online as well.”

The author is correct of course. Why should our rights end simply because where real world infringement of our rights could be costly and time consuming computer based right infringement can often be done cheaply and quickly. In fact it is worse with online infringement as it can easily be harder to detect. If one wanted they could easily push the argument further to bandwidth throttling on a port by port basis. If I wanted to send mail I can send letters and packages of all sorts of sizes. Increasingly we’re seeing ISPs throttling certain ports and claiming that this is their right to do so. If you have an account that grants you a certain bit rate should you not be the one to choose how to use that bandwidth?

While the USPS may be having financial difficulties directly due to online communications it is still the gold standard in terms of privacy rights for communications. We would all be well advised to not let the rights we have online be stripped away. The right to privacy is one that many people have fought and died to protect and to simply let it fade away would be a disservice to everyone that has ever struggled to make it a reality.

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