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PC Makers Spying on US??!

Are you a PC fan? Hundred of millions of folks are PC owners. In addition to system manuals, chords, and the ever so annoying spyware loaded WildTangent game software, now you can expect a very unnerving stomach turning shocking surprise from PC maker Samsung. It seems as though Samsung has entirely forgotten the fact that the “PC” in PC stands for personal computer – Samsung has been found to and admitted to knowingly and intentionally installing key logger software “StarLogger” onto its newest PCs. StarLogger is nasty and not so easy to get rid of, along with logging each and every key you press on your keyboard, StarLogger also takes occasional screen shots of your screen… if recording your personal information and passwords was not enough, they also take pictures of your screen to see what it is you are doing on your computer! Samsung reportedly has freely admitted to doing this saying that it will allow them to collect data on how people are using their computers – yeah that makes me feel real good knowing that you have stolen all my passwords without my permission or choice. Seriously bad form Samsung! This action by Samsung, while maybe well intentioned in some mild creepy sort of way, is likely highly illegal and Samsung is likely facing fierce repercussions from this reckless hackeresce action. We know one thing for certain, we are not recommending or buy a Samsung PC anytime in the near or distant future.

UPDATE: StarLogger False Positive
New information was released hours ago apparently proving this Key Logger (StarLogger) scare as a false positive so all of you new Samsung PC owners can sit back, relax, unclench your fists and wipe the sweat from your brow. Latest reports are that the user who initially reported StarLogger as being installed on his system, used anti-spyware software “Vipre,” which incorrectly reported a directory on his hard drive created by Windows Live Essentials as a directory belonging to the key logger StarLogger. This new information does seem credible as the user in question has not been able to produce any log files or screen shots that would otherwise be generated by StarLogger.

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Better Remake?

I’m a fan of movies in the 80′s. Teen Wolf starring Michael J. Fox is a part of that collection! MTV has made somewhat of a remake, but into a series that is going to premiere after the 2011 MTV Movie Awards on June 5. Check out the trailer below. It definitely has the new modern take of it. You can also read what everyone is saying about in the newsgroup.

Teen WolfMTV Shows
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alt.anagrams = ran a malt gas?

An anagram is the use of any word, phrase, or sentence formed from another by rearranging its letters. Seems like you can have some interesting new ways with words in the newsgroup alt.anagrams.

Here’s a couple done with “The usenet group alt.anagrams”

Lardy Girl – “Throw an egg at users? Napalm?
Mey K. – “Unearth top language masters!

Here’s some with just “alt.anagrams” by Judson Pewther:
A gal’s mantra
A gal rants, Ma!”
Man’s Gala Art

Here is one with an entire quote “An earthquake achieves what the law promises but does not in practice maintain – the equality of all men – Ignazio Silone“.

Horrid Stretchy Pus
“One action biopic

A movie that may win a prize
When all things are equal;
The title is “Tsunami One”
And “Aftershock” a sequel”

Lardy Girl - “It shows amazing hope too: the finest human capabilities quickly
called on via elements (earth, water) in a non-quiet area.”

I went ahead and tried “The usenet group alt.anagrams” and came up with:
Uh, Sour Men Sent a Teal Gag Part.”
Obviously not as great or related as the others, but it was worth the try. =)

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Bandwidth Throttling The Solution To Piracy?

Will throttling internet user’s data help stop piracy? According to Daniel Castro’s testimony to the House Judiciary Committee, it could be part of the solution to stopping online piracy. As part of his testimony he referred to a 2009 study by The Institute for Policy Innovation that states “U.S. recording industry and related industries lost over $3.5 billion to online piracy”. This study like many others makes the flawed assumption that each pirated song is a lost sale. Obviously this is not and never will be the case. Fundamentally when people spend their hard earned money on music they want to show their support to the artist to allow them to continue to create music, and despite what recording industry groups want you to believe artists are making more then ever before. The Movie industry in 2010 had it’s highest revenue dollar amount ever. How can this possibly be? Does it not fly in the face of logic?

The problem that paid content has both in the US and around the globe is not one of piracy but of a failing business model. The current pricing structures in place for both movies and music are based on a single universal price and limited physical media. If one was to buy a $15 movie in the US and a $15 movie in Russia it’s the same $15 amount correct? Not quite according to a report by the Social Science Research Council. That $15 in Russia is a much larger piece of their income and would be the equivalent of a $75 movie in the US. Many corporations are not interested in bringing  content to an affordable price for potential international customers. Instead, they’re simply trying to protect their premium clients, those in countries with the per capita income of being able to pay these inflated rates.

The solution to the “problem” of piracy is to cease seeing that as the problem and instead focus on the real issues, that of the failing business model and a re-evaluation of intellectual property law. Part of Article 1 Section 8 of the US constitution states “To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries;”. Limited times. The Copyright Act of 1790 was for 14 years, with option to renew for another 14 years and applied to maps, charts and books. However back then Corporations were not seen as persons under the law; now that they are these “persons” have no natural lifespan to end. So now those of us that live in the United States are left with legal entities that keep ideas under lock and key ad infinitum. This was not the intent nor letter of the law. We have let corporations become people, and people that live forever at that. We need to let these ideas have a limited time frame for the creator to have a monopoly on, we need to cease seeing corporations as persons under the law, and we need the RIAA and MPAA to take a better look at the finance sheets and figure out that they’re still making money hand over foot.

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FIFA top 3 blijft onveranderd

De FIFA heeft gisteren de wereldranglijst gepubliseerd. Alhoewel Nederland langzaam dichterbij kruipt, blijft wereldkampioen Spanje aan kop. Nederland blijft op de tweede plaats staan, Duitsland op de derde. Argentina is Brazilie voorbij. De vijfvoudige wereldkampioen viel terug naar de 5de plaats. De Verenigde Staten staat op nummer 19, de hoogste ranking uit de COCACAF, de voetbal confederatie voor Noord en Centraal Amerika en de Caribbean. De volledige lijst kan hier gevonden worden.

Nederland is nu het enige land in de top vijf dat nog nooit de cup heeft gewonnen. Het oranje team behaalde de finale drie keer, inclusief meest recentelijk in Zuid Afrika. Eind maart kan de lijst weer veranderen vanwege kwalificatiewedstrijden voor het EK 2012. Nederland speelt twee keer tegen Hongerij in maart. De volgende FIFA ranglijst zal op 13 april worden gepubliseerd.

Te vroeg om te wedden op de volgende kampioen? Usenet zit vol met sports fans! Hieronder een aantal voetbal nieuwsgroepen:;;;;;;;;;;

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