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Jabuticaba What?

I found this neat little article in alt.paranormal of all places. Jabuticaba is an exotic fruit grown in South America, and is also known as a Brazilian Grape Tree. Looking at the picture, it really does like like huge grapes on a vine, fit for a giant maybe. lol

What so unique about this fruit is that it actually grows straight out of the tree trunk. It may look odd, but you can pluck it right out of the tree and eat it right away. It can also be fermented to make some wine or even some moonshine, if you wanted. Just thought I share the knowledge.

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Facebook gebruikers maken kans op een “prijs”

De nominaties van de zevende editie van de Big Brother Awards zijn bekend. Raad eens wat….als je een Facebook-account hebt hoor je zelf misschien wel tot the genomineerden!!! In de categorie personen werden dit jaar namelijk de gebruikers van Facebook genomineerd vanwege het schenden van privacy van hun eigen vrienden.

De Big Brother Award is de prijs voor de grofste privacyschenders van het afgelopen jaar. De eerste Big Brother Awards werden in 1998 gehouden in het Verenigd Koninkijk. In Nederland worden de Awards sinds 2002 georganiseerd door Bits of Freedom. De Awards werden in het leven geroepen omdat we steeds meer en steeds verdergaand getroffen worden in onze privacy.

Andere genomineerden zijn onder meer de Minister van Justitie vanwege het voorstel om gescande kentekens vier weken te bewaren, de Belastingdienst vanwege de verplichting aan ZZP’ers om hun Burger Service Nummer te publiceren, de ABN AMRO voor het inzetten en verstoppen van spyware, en het onderzoek naar de inzet van Deep Packet Inspection, een permanente internettap op het verkeer van alle Nederlandse internetters.

Via kan iedereen stemmen voor degene die in zijn ogen privacy het meest heeft geschonden. Aan de persoon of instelling die de meeste stemmen krijgt, zal tijdens de Big Brother Awards de Publieksprijs worden uitgereikt . De uitslag wordt op 9 maart bekend gemaakt.

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The Oscars is Just Around the Corner

The Academy Awards will be airing this Sunday, February 27 with Anne Hathaway and James Franco as the hosts. Nominations for Best Picture is below:

“Black Swan”
“The Fighter”
“The Kids Are All Right”
“The King’s Speech”
“127 Hours”
“The Social Network”
“Toy Story 3”
“True Grit”
“Winter’s Bone”

I have seen all but 2 movies. “The Kids Are All Right” and “Winter’s Bone”. I think the academy must of had a tough decision for these selections because I definitely like the majority.

I just hope they don’t pull what happened at the Grammy’s with Best New Artist, where Esperanza Spalding won over Justin Bieber! Justin Bieber! I’m just kidding… or am I? lol

But if I had to chose from the 10, I would pick “Black Swan” hands down. I think Natalie Portman did an awesome job portraying her character and the cinematography was great! If you haven’t seen it yet. Please do! It’s a bit freaky, but in a good way. Its based on the theater production of Swan Lake!

As a runner up, I would pick “The King’s Speech”. Based off a true story of King George VI of when he was throne and struggles with speaking and get’s help from an unorthodox speech therapist. Sounds like a bore, but its actually a powerful yet funny movie of how the character’s interact.

A movie I definitely do not want to see win is “127 Hours” which is another movie based on a true story of a mountain climber that gets trapped under a boulder and survived. Great story, but as a movie just doesn’t hit it for me. You may not be able to handle some of the scenes of how he escaped if you are sensitive, I am telling you to proceed with caution. =)

What film do you think will be the winner? Talk more on rec.arts.movies.current-films

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You Win Some You Lose Some

TorrentFreak is reporting that our favorite Netherlands anti-piracy group, BREIN, is forcing the shutdown of numerous Usenet and NZB sites. This list includes:,,,,,, and They of course managed to get some leverage with the court win over FTD (all this despite the fact that only 13 of the more then 1/2 million FTD users reported and uploaded infringing content, and even then who’s to say these anonymous persons didn’t actually work for BREIN). According to lawyer Arnoud Engelfriet

“BREIN is using the FTD verdict to threaten other sites into closing. Even though the verdict clearly said downloading is legal and ‘facilitating’ downloading is legal as well, BREIN is now saying that sites that provide NZB files are facilitating illegal downloading.”

It seems to me that BREIN is overstepping its bounds, something it is quite fond of doing. In an separate article TorrentFreak is reporting that BREIN has gone ahead and taken down the site known as Swan. Interestingly, neither the recent FTD ruling nor any other recent event has given them the legal authority to do so and the fine people that run Swan not only managed to seize back their servers but are also looking at suing BREIN. It’s about time someone hit them back. While there is certainly a debatable to be had over intellectual property a few things are painfully clear:

  1. Current intellectual property laws do not work in an environment where a single work can appear in multiple formats all of which can easily be shared across the globe in any number of ways.
  2. Being a rights holder or representative of the rights holders does not give you a free pass to do whatever you want wherever you want.
  3. Rights holders need to re-evaluate their monitization of the work product and investigate alternate means of making money.
  4. You can make money on free and can compete against free.

Perhaps it’s time the companies that supposedly represent the result these creative industries themselves get creative.

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Batman, A live action TV Hero?:

Could the caped crusader make his next bat like crime fighting appearance on our flat screens as an acclaimed long awaited live action hero? – At least one of the users in the newsgroup thinks so… He insinuates that this would be a definite possibility perhaps even a logical next step for Batman,

First off, it’s fair to assume that The Dark Knight Rises will be at
least mildly successful at the box office and receive favorable critical
praise. When that happens, WB will probably have achieved the first
wholly successful superhero film trilogy (the Spider-Man trilogy’s
success is still disputed), with the same creative team for all three
films and all a hit with both critics and audiences. In other words,
they’ll have their options open.

Based on circulating rumors about the possibility of a new live action TV series, this Usenet user believes that Batman could join the likes of “The Mantis”, “The Flash”, “The Hulk”, and yes, even Spiderman.

The rumored idea was reportedly in response to the successful TV
transitions of “Smallville” and “Sherlock Holmes”, and with Smallville
ending, WB is most likely looking for another superhero hit to take its
place, especially if David E. Kelley’s proposed Wonder Woman TV show
doesn’t pan out.

Stay tuned to for the latest superhero news for our favorite Caped crusader…

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