If you’re a fan of URL shorteners that use the .ly domain keep your eyes open. The vb.ly site has been taken down and the domain registration revoked by NIC.ly the registrar of all .ly domains. It seems that because the .ly domains are controlled by the Libyan government and that government follows Islamic/Sharia Law that any site they deem to have content that falls outside of the allowed morality of these laws is subject to be smacked down. This of course is a problem given that many of these URL shorteners link to adult content certainly beyond what Sharia Law would find palatable. Even popular sites like bit.ly are at risk despite their terms of use that don’t allow for infringing or pornographic content.

This of course can be an issue when you let a government determine for you what is and what isn’t appropriate. For now it looks like people may need to think about using a shortener that doesn’t have a .ly domain.